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Knowledge base image upload

I'd like to be able to upload images in knowledge base articles, but this doesn't appear possible right now. It appears that the only way to include a...

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Ticket survey

it would be nice to implement a ticket survey after closing a ticket by client or auto close ticket.

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Configure specific support departments for Support Ticket Feedback

It appears the 'Support Ticket Feedback' feature will send an email to all clients once their ticket is closed. While this is a great start, it doesn...

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Support Ticket Timers

We should have the ability to implement timers, just like Ubersmith.. should we need to follow up with a client (sales lead) and or support maintenanc...

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Stop Clients Closing Tickets

I think it would be a great idea if we can stop clients closing certain tickets.For example I would like to stop clients closing tickets that have bee...

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Ticket system - Possibility to assign to a specific staff

This is helpful when i have all staffs from that department busy, so i can sign to another one just inviting him.I cant have all staffs in the same de...

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Add an option to see the original mail from the client (with the original HTML formatting etc.)

Hi, Now any mail imported to the ticket system is converted to plain text by using the strip_tags function.This means that we cannot see the mail as t...

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Option for contacts to receive replies only for tickets they have opened.

Would it be possible for only the Primary contact and the contact who opened a support ticket to receive email notifications for that ticket. Currentl...

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Integration with other support platforms like Zendesk or

It would be great if we were able to integrate WHMcs with one of the best support platforms available today.By integrate I mean allowing clients to si...

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Add "send as SMS" option to the tickets system

Hi, Can you please add "send as SMS" option to the tickets system?Now we can sent emails to our customers via the ticket system, but sometim...

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Mass changing of ticket status and department

That would be great if you could enable the ability to change the status and department of multiple tickets directly from the main menu ( without ente...

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Need better control for bounce message in ticket system

Most of the WHMCS users allow submitting ticket to "Registered" clients only and rest of the emails are bounced. Also, when users submit a t...

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Adding a Banner on the support ticket system in case of an network issue

In case a network issues happens a huge amount of clients are always writing the same, what is known. So in the case, if there is an issue entered in...

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Option to Disable Markdown Formatting

We would find it hugely beneficial to have the option to disable markdown formatting when replying to support tickets.We use a 3rd party live chat pro...

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Add flags in tickets to mark the tickets

Please add flags in tickets ( in the main menu) to mark the tickets having similar problems by color.There is an an example of how the feature looks l...

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WHMCS Blog Functionality

We would like to see WHMCS with blog functionality. Many sites today have now build their design with WHMCS as the core system. Integration is key for...

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Choose different auto-responder for each support department

Setup -> Support Departments allows each department to send or not send the auto responder.I'd like to have the option to select a different auto-r...

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Markdown support in Knowledgebase

I become very accustom to Markdown formatting and would like to use it when creating Knowledgebase articles.Regards,Martin WrightHostBrew, LLC

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3rd Party Knowledgebase Modules

It would be great if the knowledgebase could be switched out, much like the support system can be in WHMCS.For example, changing the KB to a WordPress...

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view what other support agent is typing on support tickets

One thing i love about Kayako helpdesk is agents can view other agents replies while typing them.. ie in WHMCS 6.3 it now shows "AGENT_NAME view...

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comment option in knowledge base

Hello,Please add " comment "option in the knowledge base. with disabling or enabling the feature.This will help both clients and new users w...

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Client Specific Knowledgebase Articles - Categories

I think it would be a really good feature to be able to restrict access to individual knowledge base articles and/or knowledge base categories/subcate...

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Support tickets with option to collect secure data (like

Just like collects sensitive data.I have to ask clients to often to give me FTP, email, account credentials to investigate a problem.If this...