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Daily Remote FTP Backup using SFTP

At the moment using the Daily Remote FTP Backup feature in your admin area you have to connect to backup server using standard FTP.But like me who has...

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MariaDB Support

MariaDB is a drop in replacement for MySQL. It is a fork from MySQL in order to move it away from Oracle.Implementation should be trivial and it may b...

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Prevent duplicate usernames

For example when a new account is made, or when a service is assigned (especially if it is being assigned by domain name and if the domains just diffe...

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CentOS Web Panel Module

Hello,it would be nice to create a provisioning module for the free control panel "CentOS Web Panel" to be added to the list of supported co...

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Payment Gateway processing Fee

Hello All,I want that whmcs should have an option where we can add a % amount of total invoice amount + any fixed amount.For example paypal takes : Se...

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Banning clients for failed login attempts (similar to the admin)

You may notice many failed login attempts to your clients and we would like to protect them from being hacked or something like that by banning client...

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Display long term or annual-biennially pricing before monthly on products in cart templates/sliders

You should be able to choose what price option you want to display on product template pages (eg. comparison pages and sliders) instead of the default...

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Ability to create custom cPanel application links

Hello,This is just a quick idea, it would be great if there was the option to create custom links in cPanel, the option to reference a icon URL, add a...

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CSV Import Utility for third party imports.

It would be great if we could have some generic import scripts for new customers / those migrating from other platforms for which a specific set of im...

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Domain expiration email

We need to be able to automatically send a "domain expired" email, so we can confirm it's expired, talk about the grace period/redemption fe...

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Ability to assign specific administrators to have access to specific clients' only

We have several staff members who are assigned full time to specific clients. In some cases they're not even staff, but rather contractors. In that...

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picture update with details on the product

picture with details on the product tat you sell

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Cleanup tool to prune tbllog_register table

This table gets EXTREMELY large in row size.When performing certain clean up tasks by going to Utilities -> System -> System Cleanup we have too...

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New Cookie LAW European Community "Cookie Widget"

Please,we need a "Cookie Policy Widget"like this one you can see on this page: in orde...

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Add List-Unsubscribe header for emails

Add List-Unsubscribe header for WHMCS mail system, like this$x->AddCustomHeader("List-Unsubscribe: <{$unsubscribe_url}>");...

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Option to Disable Template Caching

When changing the templates for pages, it is extremely annoying to have to manually delete the files from templates_c when making small iterative chan...

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Add Client Credit Hook

Currently WHMCS does not process credits until AddTransaction or AddInvoicePayment completes - meaning there is currently no way to hook into WHMCS an...

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Major improvements to the calendar utility

Hi,I think that the current calendar utility is not as usable as a calendar should be,I will list here few ideas for improvement that will make the ca...

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project management: Bill for Task Time Entries: To choose between billable item of new invoice

I want to use the ticket and project management system for my time and project billing, as this comes closest to a workable enviroment for me as serv...

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CSV Import Utility

Hi,Please add a CSV Import Utility that will be used to import accounts (customers) + products + new orders.Any way - having a way to use CSV to impor...

17 Votes
Option for Gateway Fees

Tax option is not good for charging fees, It will be best if there is any option available if we mark it then payment fees deducted from client end no...

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Custom session timeout settings for admin

It would be nice to have an option to set the session timeout for admins. Currently it logs out admins to fast for us, for us it should be optimal to...

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Digital Signatures on Documents preventing Fraudulant transactions

When a customer purchases a product, the invoice sent to the email of the customer should have the option to digitally sign it, in response generating...