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project management: Bill for Task Time Entries: To choose between billable item of new invoice

I want to use the ticket and project management system for my time and project billing, as this comes closest to a workable enviroment for me as service provider..

- the tickets are incoming client questions or other general things. mostly these are non billable tasks..
- if it is a billable task or if it becomes a project i convert it to a project and add small tasks to the project.. the project is in a sense mostly a group of small short task for me. and sometimes a real big multi task project.
- on the projects i add worked time and when parts of the project or the complete project is up for billing, then i would like to press the "Bill for Task Time Entries"

in this situation it will create a complete new invoice.. but i have many tasks or projects running for one client! so i would like to have time/tasks added as billable items and then when the end of the week comes i simply add it to one big invoice..

the request is to choose between add as billable item or add as invoice. instead of the single button Bill for Taks Time Entries. ( a genereral preference to switch would also be ok)
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    due date for bill for time task entries invoices
    I use the project management suite daily and it's excellent.One minor issue us the due date on invoices when using 'Bill for time task entries'. As standard, the invoice is due on the same day the invoice is raised. For the moment, I am editing the invoice after it's raised BUT if i forget, customers start getting reminders as the invoice becomes overdue according to my general invoice settings. Support thought this was handled by the 'default grace period' in general settings but it's not. I'd like to see this as a setting inside project management addon, so I can choose the default days an invoice becomes due if i use the bill for time task entries button.otherwise, excellent... i rely on it. This would just be a handy option to have.


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Sadly the project manager addon get almost no attention from WHMCS.
I'll like to add a new custom status for Projects and task like "Billed" so I do not have to go through inside to know if I should bill this in the end of the month or is this already been billed
I'd* instead of I'll (Sorry)
Justin was a lot nicer that I was going to be about this issue. I was told by WHMCS that this is a feature, when we really see it as a bug.

This has caused some real issues with our clients. It really should follow the automation settings (or have its own). I'm not sure the reason for a "quick" invoice feature that has to be manually edited every time.

Since the project management part of WHMCS is rarely updated, I'm not holding our breath that this will be implemented. At first the project management tools seemed great, but after daily use, it is clear that the developers don't use it on a regular basis, or are just use to a cumbersome work flow. Sadly, we are constantly keeping our eye out for a better solution. It's too bad, because there was such potential...
I haven’t tried any web based time trackers yet, but I have tried several cloud-based apps for my Mac and my iPhone. Among those several applications, I like Replicon's Product - They have a great online and desktop time tracking service that also allows to invoice the clients based on that time and let them see the invoices online or in their email.
need to be able to sell "hours" also and have time charged against it.
Agree fully!
Can't use "Quick Invoice", must be "Quick Billable item" > automatically sets billable item to new status "Review before billing" or old status "Don't invoice"
This way I can see billable items and change hours billed, or not bill for internal tasks.
A string of invoices sent to the client and generated by each micro task my coworkers do is not tenable for Project Management.
I agree. +1
is nobody using project management to bill their time? i guess this is the whole reason for using project management. and when you have multiple projects for a client then a single invoice for each project will not work. then the simple mod to change it to an billable item instead of a new invoice in in my vision something every body should want.. right?
I use it for time billing, and love the idea in this thread