How can we improve WHMCS?

Share, discuss and vote for what you would like to see added to WHMCS

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this system exist?

WHMCS is a flexible and powerful product which is used by many different types of businesses and in many different ways. As a result, we receive lot's of feedback and suggestions from our customers for things they would like to see added, changed or improved.

This idea and suggestion tracker allows our customers to submit ideas that they believe would better and improve the WHMCS product, as well as show their support for other users requests. It also allows our development team to solicit feedback from users on ideas we are considering.

How does voting work?

Every user gets 10 votes per month and you can apply up to 3 of those votes to any single idea in a given month. Your vote pool resets on the 1st of each month.

Apply all of your votes each month to help boost the support for the ideas and suggestions you want to see most.

I submitted a suggestion, but I haven't had a response. Why?

Due to the volume of requests we receive, it is not always possible for us to respond to every request individually. Keep sharing, discussing and voting for the ideas you care about the most to help them gain traction.

My idea has some votes. Why hasn't it been implemented yet?

While we would love to be able to implement more of the suggestions we receive, with finite resources and a big product roadmap, we have to decide what we work on based on a combination of factors. This includes not just votes, but also technical complexity, time to delivery, value and the number of users it would benefit.

Unfortunately this means sometimes we have to make tough decisions that we know disappoints some users. Rest assured that we regularly review the ideas and suggestions posted here as part of our routine product planning and popular requests do play a large part in prioritisation considerations.

How do I submit a suggestion or idea?

Before creating a new feature request, please search the tracker to see if somebody else has already requested it.

If you find one, please show your support by adding your vote and a comment. If you don't, please submit your request. Remember to be as detailed as possible.

Tips for Submitting a Good Idea or Suggestion

Think about what the problem is you are trying to solve and what the best way is to do it. Explain why and how it will help you and provide real world examples where possible.

Also think about how your situation applies to others. Is there a more generic solution that might appeal to more people? If there is, consider posting that instead.

What do the different statuses mean?

Under Consideration
This status means the idea is under consideration for inclusion in a future product release
This status indicates that the idea is currently being investigated for feasibility
Gathering Feedback
This status means our team is seeking further feedback and/or clarification from the community
This status indicates that the idea is scheduled for work to begin
In Progress
This status indicates that work on implementing the idea/suggestion has begun
This status indicates that work on this idea has been completed. It may be available already or be scheduled to be part of a soon to be published release
Already Possible
This status indicates this suggestion is believed to already possible
Currently Declined
This status indicates that the idea is currently declined, but may be subject to re-review in future
This status indicates that the idea has been declined in its current form

Can you provide an ETA for my idea or suggestion?

We try to keep users updated using the status indicators and comments in the tracker system as much as possible. However it is not possible for us to provide ETAs for individual ideas or suggestions at this time.