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146 Votes
Whatsapp Client Notifications

Is it possible this way that a customer who registers the domain or a service gets an auto message in their Whatsapp and renewal notice also in the wh...

127 Votes
Ability to exclude configurable options from promotion discounts.

Have had issues with promo codes also discounting cPanel or additional IP's instead of just the product we wish to discount. There seems to be no iss...

98 Votes
Ability to create extra tabs in the Admin Clients Summary

At times, there is need for additional information to be viewable from the Clients Profile which can allow, by means of editable template, the ability...

95 Votes
Expense - Balance Feature

I don't mean Quickbooks, or Freshbooks, or similar, but the ability to enter expenses (Our Hosting fees, Our Domains payments, our scripts renewals, e...

93 Votes
Support Ticket Timers

We should have the ability to implement timers, just like Ubersmith.. should we need to follow up with a client (sales lead) and or support maintenanc...

91 Votes
Product Recommendations at Checkout

As a Product Provider, I would like the ability to enable a "Product Recommendation" at checkout. Where for example, if a client purchases a...

89 Votes
Dependent Configurable Options

When you're offering dedicated servers, you are more than likely to have an endless list of configurable options for the customer to build his server...

36 Votes
Customise Domain Sync batch size above 50

We have 6000+ active domains right now. With the domain sync cron set to run every hour (the most frequent available setting) and syncing 50 domains o...

10 Votes
Ability to add notes when creating a new task

Please add the option to enter notes when creating a task.At present one needs to add the task, then edit the task to add notes. Removing the need for...

64 Votes
Add an option to see the original mail from the client (with the original HTML formatting etc.)

Hi, Now any mail imported to the ticket system is converted to plain text by using the strip_tags function.This means that we cannot see the mail as t...

9 Votes
Assign ticket to Contact

We often need to assign a ticket to a particular contact but we aren't able to unless we manually update the database with the correct contactid.We ca...

11 Votes
Allow the ability to create aliases in OX AppSuite

Please allow aliases to be assigned to individual mailboxes so that a single mailbox can receive mail for multiple email addresses. This would be a on...

5 Votes
Add as payment gateway here in the philippines

we want to add as multiple payment gateways here in the Philippines, I hope this will be soon available. Let me know if you need credentials f...

121 Votes
Credit Note in compliance with UK VAT legislation

The refund functionality in WHMCS 5.3.13 is not on accordance with UK legislation. When a refund is issued, the system must generate a Credit Note wi...

294 Votes
Colo/Dedicated Server Management Addon

While WHMCS does in fact allow us to manage the sale and billing for Dedicated Servers, we do not have the ability to actually manage them from within...

21 Votes
solar date

support solar date

19 Votes
Add ability to translate link item labels for cPanel Application links

It is not currently possible to translate link item labels for cPanel Application links. We need this to be translatable from WHMCS, or that it would...

11 Votes
CSV Import Utility

Hi,Please add a CSV Import Utility that will be used to import accounts (customers) + products + new orders.Any way - having a way to use CSV to impor...

0 Votes
Reduce Frequency of License Limit Notice emails

As an admin I would like the ability to reduce the frequency of the License Limit notice emails sent each day to administrator users when 10% of the c...

  • Admin Area
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3 Votes
Add Menu Background as like Template Six

Hello, Please Add Menu Background as like Template Six.This look like AwesomeThanks

  • Client Area
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0 Votes
Send domain expiry notices based on expiry date

It would be great if we have an option to send domain expiry notices based on the expiry dates instead of the due dates since it's related to the expi...

  • Domains
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1 Votes
Updating WHOIS to accommodate. africa extension

Hello,Please note the following:{ "extensions": "", "uri": "socket://"...

  • Domains
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0 Votes
What about a Guest Buyer system

Hi there!I just want to know if it's possible for a new customer to buy without having to generate a user/password.I mean, lika a "guest buyer&qu...

  • Order Forms
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3 Votes
Allow quantity with more than 2 decimals

Currently WHMCS only allow price with just 2 decimals but...If you need bill with GB used instead TB.If your price is 10$ / TB , price per GB will be...

  • Payments/Billing
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4 Votes
Ticket weight

We intend to give weight (degree of difficulty) to each support ticket, starting from 1 the easy to 5 for hard ticket, so that I can count the weight...

0 Votes
Exclude pending orders from affiliate conversions

I don't understand why pending orders count as conversions on the affiliate links.It makes it impossible to use them for anything and can cause some m...

  • Reporting
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0 Votes
Bulk Pricing Updater to update pricing based on the assigned registrar module

Add an option to select registrar before update the domain price list. This will update prices only for that registrar.

  • Domains
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3 Votes
Add a collision check when assigning a task to an admin

Hi, Now we can assign several tasks to the same admin at the same time regardless if the admin is free or not at the specific date.We need a way to ch...

  • Project Management
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Ability to download PDF invoices in admin language

Hello,As an admin, I would like to be able to download PDF invoices in my admin language.For example, if my admin language is English, I would like to...

  • Completed
  • Admin Area
[aWHMCS] Add Clients

It would be very beneficial to every one if aWHMCS could add clients.

  • Completed
  • Mobile App
Android App - Ticket Display

In the Android App, since you can only display a maximum of 20 response for each ticket, why not display the most recent 20 responses instead of the o...

  • Completed
  • Mobile App
New Boxed Style for Knowledgebase Home

DearThe knowledge base should be improved and has had the same format for quite some time, and as whmcs has already raised its values some time ago, i...

  • Completed
  • Support
Ticketing System should obey RFC 3834 regarding auto-responses

The ticketing system should obey RFC 3834 and not auto-respond to mails coming in that are themselves auto-responses as indicated by the headers:Auto-...

  • Completed
  • Support
Disable or edit Security Questions by user or globally

Many users don´t remember the answer and call for support.. but i can´t reset, disable or edit from Admin.... and it is really annoyng i have to:a) gi...

  • Completed
  • Clients
"Test Email" button so we can get the email ourselves before clients get the emails

Can we have a "Test Email" button so we can get the email ourselves before clients get the emails?In this way we can spot errors before send...

  • Completed
  • Email
WHMCS 'child themes' in WordPress style to make upgrades less work

WordPress implements a feature called Child Themes to allow changes to be kept separate from the core files. When an upgrade is made, the core files...

  • Completed
  • Client Area
Bootstrap 4 Support

Update WHMCS to Bootstrap 4 instead of 3.3.7.

  • Completed
  • Client Area
Select several contacts when opening a ticket

Hi, When we open a ticket on behalf of a client we can select one contact that the ticket will be open on (sadly he will be CC on the ticket ant the t...

  • Completed
  • Admin Area