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Introducing our new Feature Requests Portal.

As part of our efforts to do a better job of engaging with and providing greater transparency to more of the feature requests that are submitted, we have migrated to a new feature request tracker platform.

The new platform is intended to provide a better experience for you. It will make it easier to track the requests that matter to you and provides more ways to vote. It will also make it easier for us to engage with you and enable us to highlight official responses, provide more transparency to the progress of requests, and draw attention to the requests we are seeking further clarification and input on.

What has changed?

Here's a summary of the most notable changes:

What hasn't changed?

All previously submitted ideas, votes and comments have been preserved.

User accounts from the previous system have also been retained again along with all suggestion, vote and comment history.

Have questions or feedback?

We welcome you to send us any questions and feedback via