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Ability to create extra tabs in the Admin Clients Summary

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At times, there is need for additional information to be viewable from
the Clients Profile which can allow, by means of editable template, the
ability to store custom fields.


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The technical challenge with this request is not so much allowing tabs to be added, but it's what happens after the tab is selected. What functionality would you want to see provided to handle rendering of the tab content post-click?

Also, there are already a large number of tabs - are you running into scenarios where the tabs exceed the available horizontal space, and how are you finding the experience when that happens?
WHMCS can officialize this on the module developer documentation.
Hey guys,

With the permission of the folks over at BusyRack, I've modified the Javascript code they originally created to insert tabs in the WHMCS admin -- it should work great for both Client Summary pages and Support Tickets. We welcome pull requests to the repository if you need to modify it to work with other tabs anywhere in the admin.

You'll find the project here:


Aside from tabs at the customer profile, we would like to be able to add tabs to invoices too. For example, we're linking our invoices with accounting software and it would be helpful to display the link there too.
This is definitely a needed feature
This would be a very valuable feature, especially since you are not able to add custom fields to contacts. Plus, some clients/contacts have specific requirements. Ability to add modules for Client accounts would be a great addition.
I have to agree that this is a needed tab. My Sales and designers are constantly getting confused when to view a client's summary page and then ask, where are their tickets? To have a tab that would show all the open, closed etc just for that client would be very handy.
Well, that is strange then. It is an ongoing time waster to have to go into the ticket area to see if there is already and open ticket for a client on the currently reported issue, and if there isn't, to then have to back out to the main profile area in order to 'open' a new ticket.

It would be so much quicker (20-30 times a day) to A) have a 'Ticket (#)' tab right next to the 'Notes (#)' tab in the admin area, and B) to be able to open a new ticket from inside a client's 'View all Support Tickets'' screen.
The funny thing is... i have this working with code that was given by the guys at WHMCS, so i have no idea why this is not a default option... its needed.... the reason i needed it is because i have products that are not provisioned by cPanel but need a username and password eg. Hosted Exchange Account.... here is what it looks like.... it should be available to everyone and part of core... should not have to go and hack template files.
do you care to share it with us, I really need it.
I just got notified this has been upgraded to 'PLANNED', which is great news. :)
Hi. Thanks for the reply - I'm not 100% certain you understand my feature request though. :) Perhaps you do, but just to clarify - what I'm talking about is all in the admin area, nothing in the client side at all. We use the Support Tickets system quite extensively - we are an ISP as well, so we use it for every installation, service call, work order, upgrade, etc, etc.

What I'm asking is that in the Admin area, where you have the tabs that say 'Summary', 'Profile', 'Contacts', 'Products/Services' and so on until 'Notes (10)' and 'Log' - what I'm requesting is having a 'tab' named Tickets, right beside where the 'Notes' tab is. Also, the Notes tab will say 'Notes (2)' or 'Notes (10)' if that client has 2 or 10 notes, so I'd like to be able to add 'Tickets (4)' if there are 4 tickets for that client, or even 'Tickets (1/4)' if there are 4 tickets and 1 of them is unread.

So, I'm not talking about clients being logged in at all, or anything to do with the client area. I'm just talking about arranging the admin side of things so that it's easier to see and to access the Tickets that are for the client being viewed.
Client tabs are customisable in the template files, that isnt something that needs to be automated although it would be simpler if it was.

The problem i see with view client tickets on client page, this is something that would require extra coding in place probably on the back end. to check that the user logged into the account is not the user, has sufficient admin privs and is indeed a logged in admin. This can be done with a hook and a new section that appears when all conditions are met and therefore not available to the client.
This would be a great feature to add to WHMCS!
Hello. I've searched the Forums and I've searched the new ''Feature Request Forum" and I'm unsure on how/where to find this or ask this.

We need a feature where there is a 'Tickets' tab at the top, much like the Notes tab is now. We also need it to list the number of ticket and open tickets for that client. So, if a client has 3 ticket and 1 of them are still open, we would need it to say "Tickets (1/3)" or at least "Tickets (1)" much like the notes do now. I do realize that the total ticket list is in Support area, but if we are viewing a clients profile and if we are going to see ''at a glance'' if this client has any existing tickets, then a tab at the top would be the place to see it.

I've tried to read if this is something I can modify myself, and I don't see how to modify that tab-header area. However, we can currently see ''at a glance'' if there are any previous notes, and we need to be able to see that for Tickets as well.

Also - when we go into ''View All Support Tickets", there are the buttons to MERGE, CLOSE, DELETE, and BLOCK - there should also be an OPEN NEW TICKET button in there. Right now, we have to go into that area to see if there are any existing tickets for that client's issue, and if there isn't one, we need to back out and then go into the "Open New Support Ticket" area to open a ticket. Opening a new ticket should be directly accessible from a button in the ''View All Support Tickets'' area.

So, if someone could tell me if this is something that I can modify currently, or if it's a feature that already exists but we need to configure somehow, I would appreciate it. If having a 'Tickets Tab' isn't currently possible, and if it's not customizable then the ability to add our own tabs would be needed.
Thank you.There is also a somewhat similar request idea here:
as well to be able to configure easily the ones that should show up and which ones shouldnt