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Ability to exclude configurable options from promotion discounts.

  • frhost shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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Have had issues with promo codes also discounting cPanel or additional IP's instead of just the product we wish to discount. There seems to be no issue if it was a separate product, but configurable options always seem to get discounted too.
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    Apply discounts only to products (not add ons)
    Would be great have an option who determine if the discount must be applied to the whole order or only to the product, i.e. Dedicated server = $199.95cPanel addon = $30invoice total = $229.95invoice total with a 10% discount promo = $206.95if the discount would be applied only to the product, the invoice total:Dedicated Server = $199.95Dedicated Server with a 10% discount = $179.95cPanel addon = $30invoice total = $209.95


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Hello WHMCS Team,

Can you guys please provide an update on this? This is very important for us.

Awaiting for your response.

Any updates on this, we can't make promotions due to the fact that licenses are also included.
Same issue causing my business to lose out on money with me not being able to run promotions without charging for IP’s.
We are still waiting for this feature. We cannot make big discounts for servers because they apply to licenses and IP addresses as well. We should be able to exclude the configurable options from the promotion.
Thumbs up here for Excluding all configurable options would be sufficient from my side as well.
And I believe this would help to get this added at least to WHMCS 8.4
This is a very basic requirement and wondering why it is not available after all these years. I have been banging my head to try a workaround for the past couple of days & still banging : (
In WHMCS, configurable options are part of the product price rather than a separate amount which makes this request technically more difficult. Is excluding all configurable options sufficient to address this request, or do you need the ability to choose individual configurable options for exclusion?

Hello, at last thanks for your reply. We have been waiting for many years for your reply on this issue. We required "exclusion" of configaration price from discounts.
Hope this will be implemented soon.
This issue could be easily solved by addressing the real problem that WHMCS does not line item configurable options like every other host billing software does. By implementing line items on the invoice for configurable items you solve the following issues:
1. Being able to create coupon codes that only effect those items and or exclude
2. Being able to individual discount an item manually to provide a discount to the customer or meet a price target.
3. Being able to charge tax on a item directly as required by law in many states and countries. (i.e. TN requires tax be charge on leased software, but not other items)
4. Reporting - Being able to run reports easier on configurable items. i.e. How many raid cards do I have being billed and what is that item generating in sales.
Hi Tony,
Creating individual line items in invoices for each configurable option would be a significant change. If you believe that would be an improvement, that should be submitted as a feature request in its own right to allow others the chance to comment and vote.
If you could create a checkbox on the edit coupon page that says: exclude configurable options from discount

that would be a huge step forward. This would solve the problem for a lot of users in this feature request. My problem definitely.

I was hoping to see this in 8.2
"Is excluding all configurable options sufficient to address this request" - yes for me!
Excluding all options would suffice for me. This itself would be a great relief for many users I suppose.
Excluding all configurable options would be sufficient from my side too.
Any movement yet?
7 years, no movement :( Why does WHMCS not implement this already?
Yes this is important to develop.
This should def be implemented by default.
with the latest implementation of cpanel tiered licensing with sub-type of each type of product license, this kind of feature really need to get realized soon. we can't make any promotion for our vps/cloudserver/dedicated server because it would discount all the optional configurable option too, we need to exclude the configurable option so that discount can be applied to base product only.
Yes, don't know why still It's pending for consideration. It should be implemented.
It is very important function , without this function the promotion feature will be useless totally
I'm still losing money because of this problem.
Hope WHMCS will include this function in v7.9.