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Automatic Update Utility

We would like to see the ability to have WHMCS automatically updated upon either manual, or specified automated request. Because at the moment our cli...

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php 5.5

Make whmcs work on php 5.5

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Cancellation Date

I've requested this before and I will ask again.It's very important to identify the date of 'termination' or'cancellation' of a product.On product fie...

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Multi-company support

WHMCS needs to have a way to support a multi-tennant or multi-company setup. This would allow companies like mine, which have multiple identities to...

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WHMCS to use caching

Allow the choice of using Memcached or Redis caching

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adding hook to date function

Currently WHMCS shows date in Gregorian. It will be nice if be possible to show date in other calendar like Jalali.For making this possible, it only n...

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Staff Clock in - Clock Out - Report.

Clock in staff - Clicks *Clock In*...Report starts:Michael Clocked in at 08:00 shift started...Michael viewed tickets at 08:00Michael replied to ticke...

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One place to upload logo files for all the logos in the system that will not be overwritten

Please create one place to upload a logo file that will effect all the relevant logo location in the system and will not be overwritten when doing an...

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Add support for shipping costs

There are a growing number of areas where shipping costs are relevant - the most obvious being SIP/VoIP services and the associated handsets, headsets...

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Enable SSL Encryption On Remote MySQL Databases

ISSUE: WHMCS does not support remote database encryption w/ SSLIMPACT: Client and WHMCS data is transferred between the web server and database in cle...

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Add Google drive as an option to store attachments

Hi, In the new 7.7 version - you added an option to store all the attachments on a AWS S3 server. This is grate news (I requested something similar he...

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PHP 8.0 support

Make WHMCS support PHP >=8.0

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Orphaned file checker

To find files no longer in use due to upgrades or removal of old plugins. Prevent potential security issues.

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Additional Pages

I would like the ability to add additional pages such as Privacy Policy, Terms, Shipping etc

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Allow you to set custom URLs such as, /clientarea.php to /portal

Add option to change the url of sites within whmcs. Such as being able to change the url of to This wil...

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IPv6 Nameservers Fields for Server Details

Hi,We have recently upgraded all of our network and servers to support IPv6.Some customers ask for IPv6 information and since there is no option to ad...

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WHMCS tables with FOREIGN KEY restrictionsomething like this table:CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `DB`.`hosting` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INC...

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Register service activation date

When an order is accepted will be helpful if activation date it's registered on service.Thanks!

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Configurable options for Addons

Allow Add on products to have configurable options assigned to them, the same as normal products. You can currently do everything else with Add ons so...

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RDAP Whois query integration

To improve future domain searches, WHMCS should support the RDAP protocol by default and optionally the current Whois system.What is RDAP?The Registra...

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Ability to Disable Built in Systems

It would be nice to have the ability to enable to disable the following function and prevent them from being shown to users:AnnouncementsDownloadsKnow...

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Add format for currencies according to the International System of Units

Hi,We came across this issue because when we try to export to our accounting program we face serious difficulties because of the number formatting opt...

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Remove word whmcs from page source code

I would like all the code WHMCS using word 'WHMCS', visible in page source code of any whmcs website, namely :var whmcsBaseUrl =and in other part...

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