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Push-Notification for aWHMCS and iWHMCS app

I would be great if you could implement a push notification feature two the Android and iOS app of WHMCS. As the mobile software is getting capable of...

  • Completed
Update WHMCS Mobile Apps, add Notifications

It's high time the aWHMCS and iWHMCS were updated to provide a decent return on their overpriced investments. Apart from the UI and out-of-date featur...

  • Completed
Windows 8 App

Similar app to Iphone and Android for Windows 8 phones.Include a live tile with new support tickets

  • Completed
3 Votes
Manage Network/Server Issues in App

Hello,I would like to suggest adding the "Network Issues" section to the mobile app.This would be very useful when something happens exactly...

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2 Votes
iWHMCS power management

Using the Carat power management app developed at UC Berkeley, iWHMCS consistently comes up as the top energy hog on my iPhone 5. Confirmed by 302 ot...

  • Declined
2 Votes
Search for : Invoice number AND Custom Invoice Numbering Format

Invoice number search for internal number invoice and "Custom Invoice Numbering Format"

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Implement Get/Update & Delete Billable Items API

On behalf of client: I want to be able to retrieve, edit and/or delete billable items via the API -Please implement these API calls - - GetBillableIte...

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