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Sign up using Google, Facebook and Twitter

Would it be considered to add the functionality that allows users to signup using their Google Account?Original Forum Request:

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cPanel Integration

At the moment we use a 3rd Party Module to allow clients to manage cPanel functions from within the Client Area, with the new partnership between WHMC...

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OnApp Integration

OnApp CloudOnApp CDNThere needs to be more integration with OnApp control panels to give clients more features. Such as Load Balancers, Auto Scaling,...

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.csv import domains prices

Because with new gtld is horror to change more 200 prices and for every extension * 10 years I think an excel/csv template with all prices for every e...

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Add API for domain pricing updates

I would like to see new API functions to be able to update domain pricing for new registrations and for existing domains.Basically it should be possib...

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Create promo codes from API

Hello,I'm developing a system integrated with google adwords that would display a custom promo code for a client. However, WHMCS doesn't allow the cre...

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Custom API Support

Using information such as the link below provides, one can create custom APIs for WHMCS without much trouble, but there is no documentation from WHMCS...

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SMS notifications included inside WHMCS

I have some clients that do not check their email often.I always manually send them an SMS using SMS global. They then pay a few hours later.I think i...

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Set multiple domain registrars when accepting order via API

There is API function that allows accept order..And if order contains one or more domains i can set registrar.....

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AddServer API Command

I can see only GetServers API but we need CreateServer API or AddServer API, AddServerGroup APIIs i am wrong and this is this posible today trought mo...

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Create "Add Funds" invoice via Admin API

There is no way to fully use the credits feature if you've integrated WHMCS to your own system and don't let customers access the WHMCS client area. I...

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API/Function Refund

Hello,I could not find in the documentation any reference on API Refund.Example, Payment Gateway sends a notification to WHMCS stating that the status...

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API WHMCS GetProducts Hidden Products

The GetProducts action shows products, but it does not retrive the hidden products, nor does it show the hidden property. Is there a way to retrive hi...

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Send promo codes from WHMCS to Mailchimp for use in automated email campaigns.

Within Mailchimp when creating automated email campaigns, there is the ability to "pull" promotional codes from a connected website, making...

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IP Range in API IP Access Restriction and Whitelisted IP

We need the Ability to add IP Range in API IP Access Restriction and Whitelisted IP in General Settings -->Security. This is a must nowadays and a...

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Create/Update/Delete ToDo API

Besides an API that creates a ToDo which someone already suggested 3 years back. An API to update and delete a ToDo would also be welcome.

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Get/Update/Delete Billable Items API Commands

There is an AddBillableItem call which allows one to add billable items to a client externally. However there's no way of getting all billable items o...

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Ticket close hook

It would be nice if you could add a ticket close hook which can be called when a ticket is closed by admin or client.

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Live Chat Addon: Restrict Some Departments to Logged In Clients

This is regarding the Live Chat & Visitor Tracking Addon: stated features are:-====Featuring benefits...

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api to access report

It would be wonderful if the api can executes a report and returns the $reportdata array.Thanks!

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CSRF token in custom addons

Exposing CSRF tokens to addons and giving them a standardized way to use them could be useful

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Add Status to API Calls

It would be beneficial and reduce load on servers if more status fields were available in API calls.E.g. Pass status='unpaid' into GetInvoices and onl...

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handle 3DSecure via the API and meet the new PSD2 requirements

Being able to handle 3dSecure via API to meet the new PSD2 requirements. Currently this is not possible, we currently use the APIs and Hooks in a cust...