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Allow Remote Call to WHMCS Verify Domain to check if someone has a legal license in tandem with License Addon

  • Michael Foland shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Developers

I'd like to offer up a suggestion that I believe would be VERY beneficial.

On the WHMCS public website, we have , which allows us to license check a domain to see if they are using a legit License and if not report it.... What I think would be very beneficial, is for developers who use the License Addon would be to use the License Tandem along with the WHMCS License Checker maybe through an API. In my case, I've had alot of people who want to use the software I develop for WHMCS. We have a policy on our site, and it's that a LEGAL WHMCS LICENSE is REQUIRED for use, and we have the right to suspend a license if we find that their copy of WHMCS is not legal.

This is what I'm proposing.... How about an API to check with the public Verification portal on WHMCS to see if a license is legal, and if it is not.... do three things...

1. Do not allow the person to use or install said addon/software
2. Report said domain that is not authorized for use directly to WHMCS
3. Set said Clients' account to Inactive (likely through a hook) to prevent them from logging on, and then perhaps ban their email / ip.

Speaking of which, I may need to open up another idea, but I do believe on the ban of an IP, their should be an indefinite button or checkbox instead of setting a date :)


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Yes this be a great idea they can add this of a company that uses WHMCS License Addon :) :)
It would be nice to get WHMCS onboard with this!
Any idea if this would be possible? I'd think a simple API could be built to call with the string of the domain and if it returns something other than Active, then throw an error saying the License is not valid and run php logic to do a simple exit on install and perhaps send a report ticket to the piracy department lol. Talk about killing two birds with one stone lol.
I did one before but it stop working for some reason and I see whmcs not responding or doesn't care about the developer sales module.

This great feature to add of peoples who sale modules
How did you code it? It would be nice to figure out!