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Create/Update/Delete ToDo API

Besides an API that creates a ToDo which someone already suggested 3 years back. An API to update and delete a ToDo would also be welcome.


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It appears they added an UpdateToDoItem action to the API:

Yet there's still no AddToDoItem (nor DeleteToDoItem). Kinda weird to get an update before an add, but I can't say I'm surprised.
Hi there,
The UpdateToDoItem API command was implemented in 2011, I'm pleased to hear that you've found it and it will be helpful.

With 11 votes over 4 years, this request isn't currently an idea that's on our roadmap, in favour of others with more backing, but your support is important in helping it bubble to the top!

In the meantime ToDo list items can be created by product provisioning actions via the AutoRelease module:
Yes please! I would suggest that any and all tables that are end user facing have a CRUD API available.