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Domain Synchronization Process & Premium Domain Names

  • Kai Schwarz shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Developers

Hey Guys,

WHMCS is setting the premium domain data once at the time of transfer or registration which is about registrarCurrency, registrarCostPrice and registrarRenewalCostPrice in tbldomains_extra.

Problematic cases:
* Existing non-premium domain names got upgraded by the underlying registry provider to premium and are therefore coming with higher recurring cost
* The registrar price is based on a currency that is not supported in the system. ... ok, converting it to the default currency might be an option, but when thinking of exchange rates changing from time to time, definitely not ideal. Importing might therefore not be possible if the related currency isn't available in the system.
* The premium price might change after years or even earlier

WHMCS isn't providing anything that helps updating or adding the premium data at later time. Actually we have a customer ticket at hand with a very successful customer of the adult sector who got over 1k of his domain portfolio upgraded to premium. Renewals are actually not working because of the above missing premium data (plus the need to recalculate the recurring amount obviously).

Let me address this idea to you which is imho the best way solving all the above issues while keeping your system unchanged in Core as far as possible.
Getting the Domain Synchronization Process extended to also offer returning Premium Data (registrarCurrency, registrarCostPrice and registrarRenewalCostPrice). This will enable WHMCS to getting its data updated in case a non-premium domain name got upgraded to premium, or the registrar price changed. It would also allow for regularly update the registrar prices that got calculated over the previously mentioned currency conversion.
Making the business with premium domains more reliable in WHMCS.

Still, there's one single case we cannot fix with this approach:
In case a reseller is not interested in offering premium domain names via WHMCS and some of his domains get upgraded to premiums.

Best Regards
Kai Schwarz/CentralNic Group PLC


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This, in my opinion, provides the most sophisticated resolution to the previously listed issues:
Thank you very much for your sharing.
Permit me to present you with this proposal, which, in my view, offers the most elegant solution to the aforementioned problems
We need this too, should be a standard feature of whmcs!