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Please update CCAvenue Payment Gateway WHMCS Module

Hello WHMCS Team,Kindly upgrade the CCAvenue Payment Gateway module for whmcs as the ccavenue has updated their payment gateway and new gateway works...

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Slack Notifications for Private Groups

Hello, the WHMCS Slack notification module currently uses channels exclusively so that notifications can only be sent to public channels. The code doe...

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Allow the ability to create aliases in OX AppSuite

Please allow aliases to be assigned to individual mailboxes so that a single mailbox can receive mail for multiple email addresses. This would be a on...

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Official Server Monitoring Utility - Check For Specified Services

I would like to see improvements on the WHMCS IP Monitor.I saw some websites (i.e.: Softlayer) offer to their customers to get their server / website...

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Colo/Dedicated Server Management Addon

While WHMCS does in fact allow us to manage the sale and billing for Dedicated Servers, we do not have the ability to actually manage them from within...

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Whatsapp Client Notifications

Is it possible this way that a customer who registers the domain or a service gets an auto message in their Whatsapp and renewal notice also in the wh...

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Quickbooks Integration

It would be great to have an export to quickbooks module. My company uses quickbooks for time management and accounting for web development work. It d...

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hCaptcha - Alternative to reCAPTCHA

hCaptcha is basically the same as reCAPTCHA, with some major differences:1) They respect the privacy of your visitors.2) The problems visitors solve a...

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ISPConfig 3 Module

Please make WHMCS compatibility with ISPConfig 3.

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Cloudflare Registrar Module

WHMCS, please can you urgently create a Cloudflare Domains module. This will be one of the most popular domain registrars soon, and WHMCS would not wa...

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Add native support for NameSilo registrar

Add support for NameSilo in the next release. Many people, including myself, use the module NameSilo makes available, but it would be better if it cam...

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VMWare / vCenter Integration

Greetings,Integrating with VMware at the same level that you guys do with other visualization provisioning software would wondrous. There has been som...

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GoCardless - Instant payments

When a customer places an order for a new service and sets up a direct debit it takes up to 2 weeks before the invoice changes from "pending paym...

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Are you interested in integrating Cloudflare's Turnstile?

HiAre you interested in integrating Cloudflare's Turnstile?

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HubSpot Service Hub Integration

Hi there,I know for support tickets there's some integration with Kayako. I was wondering if it would be beneficial for some companies to have possibl...

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Sign in With Apple

Apple now has an oauth login implementation that I think WHMCS should add to their sign in integrations page together with facebook, twitter etc..http...

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Completed needed remaining features for OpenSRS module

Hello,Looking to get off the no longer supported OpenSRSPro module and want to use the built in one but missing features that the Pro one has. In orde...

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WHMCS SMS Verification

Please considerWHMCS SMS Verification add-on to verify clients contact number.

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Add New reCAPTCHA v3

Since reCAPTCHA version 3 is out for time now, this will be a good feature to be introduced to the WHMCS platform. At the same time retains the v2 as...

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Microsoft Teams Integration OR Activity Stream

Greetings, We have very much enjoyed the WHMCS Slack integration, but we are now moving to Microsoft Teams and would love to see an integration down t...

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Integration with MyData Greece for online invoicing

Hello,Here in Greece, we must connect our erp (whmcs) with tax office for online invoicing. The connection must be done with MyData(which is governmen...

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Proxmox VE 6.1 Support

A built-in Proxmox Module (for newest version) with support for KVM and LXC would be real useful.

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Create Mautic Integration

Hi there,You recently launched Mailchimp integration for their email campaigns. It would be great if you create a similar integration with Mautic. A m...