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VMWare / vCenter Integration


Integrating with VMware at the same level that you guys do with other visualization provisioning software would wondrous.

There has been some discussion about this already at


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Really hundereds of hosting companies looking for it,

Third party modules not working properly. Unfortinately whmcs does not handle for it .
I need this. There are a few modules out there now but I'd like to se VMware supported directly my the WHMCS company. Something like this, virtualization, does not compete with cpanel so that should not even matter. I'd be getting more Cpanel licenses myself if I could control and sell VMware virtual servers using WHMCS.
I gave up on this about two years ago. The fact is WHMCS is aligned with cPanel (I think cPanel owns equity in WHMCS) and most new and innovative features happen with cPanel. Plesk is often relegated to a second class citizen.

WHMCS simply failed to capture the virtualisation market. Their modules are outdated and the fact that they don't even support VMware is real loss. After months of research I noticed that the best supported virtualisation module appears to by a 3rd party company called Modules Garden, but it's for a competing technology called Proxmox.

We even considered changing our whole infrastructure to Proxmox just to support overuse, but alas, easier said than done.

My other theory is that VMware is simply too "enterprise" and WHMCS simply to 'small to medium hosting provider'.
under consideration for 2++ years??
would love to see this capability, we currently have to proviosion vmware by hand
I support this. It'd be quite useful!!!!
I have been looking for the same but no luck, I think my best solution is to go with Hosting Controller as it looks the only package to do what we need, anyone else used it ?
1. I just notice with Heap software no facility for overage charges:
2. If nobody is using VMware module with WHMCS, what are people using? SolusVM?
Any news?Anybody use WHMCS module by ""? It's works fine?Anybody know about WHMCS module supporting ESXi?

I started the forum thread mentioned in the feature request. The request was made 5 November 2012.

Of course I would love this module. The main thing I am interested in is provisioning, traffic overuse and disk space allocation.
I would like to see the same at the very least; however, I would eventually like to see a vCloud Director module:

  • Automated provisioning, creating new organization & vDC, setting limits
  • Connect to multiple vCloud Directors (this option could be added as a "server"), as our Cluster contains up to 32 Nodes.
  • Provision via vCloud, selecting OS, CPU, RAM, Disk Space (SAN) (ability to set Resource limits),
  • Suspend vCloud (non payment, etc)
  • Start | Stop | Reboot | Suspend/Unsuspend VM via Admin and Client (if Admin suspend, disable Client Side unsuspend)
  • Add additional resources
  • Add additional disk space (SAN)
  • Take snapshots of VM, store snapshot on VM HDD.
  • View useage information (historical information, bandwidth, cpu, storage, RAM, IO)
  • Cleaning resources in vCloud after termination
I like this idea, it will be a very useful Module.
This would be a welcome addition
aisonet wrote:There is already third party software that does
"$99.00 USD every 1 Year"

Development and support is not guaranteed with this software, making this option impossible for alot of us.
There is already third party software that does