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ISPConfig 3 Module

  • Michael Moller shared this idea 11 years ago
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Please make WHMCS compatibility with ISPConfig 3.
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    ISPConfig Integration
    Is It Possible For WHMCS To Integrate With ISPConfig, As ISPConfig Is Pretty Popular And Comes Closest To CPanel For Being Open Source.So Could You Please Support Or Integrate With ISPConfig.Thanks


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We need ISPConfig module...
I'd very much like to see ISPConfig added to the server options.
Due to lack of demand, we are marking this as declined for now. Please do continue commenting and voting if this is something you would like to see in future.

Wow!! Go Go go! Would be Amazing...
WHMCS is nice to BE CONNECTED with IspConfig :)
I'm going to have to bump this. I'm testing a server with the module from the marketplace, and even though the data is right, getting could not connect to host. I think ISPConfig needs to be integrated into WHMCS :)
It will make great combination
Now ispconfig is full of features , has a good API ...maybe some sugestions about the API will be appreciated by the developers.

Thank you .

p.s if a good module will apear ill get whmcs .
user has created an open source module for this:
here is the link
this would be a great module to have included with whmcs, ispconfig is a very good control panel and would allow providers more flexibility and open new options.
Please it´d be really nice to have
Looking forward to it!
I would also like to see this added, I am loving the panel to be honest.
This is long overdue. The module in the App Store doesn't work very well, for example, it doesn't even support overage.
waiting for it patiently