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Official Server Monitoring Utility - Check For Specified Services

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I would like to see improvements on the WHMCS IP Monitor.

I saw some websites (i.e.: Softlayer) offer to their customers to get
their server / website monitored by ping method. If the server goes
offline, the customer receive an email. This way, the customer see he's
server is alway up and running, so they can get confident we are
delivering a good quality of web hosting.

We added a similar offer on our website. We saw this was a great way
to increase the value of our hosting packages. We would like to see our
whmcs installation act like a monitoring service for both internal and
external ip / websites with this addon module.

Right now, it's only a configurable option we need to setup manualy. We
are only able to monitor every 5 minutes, and customers have no control
on this feature : they need to open a ticket to request a change. We
are also unable to change the email the customer receive and add more
infos on what to do if they receive this email.

**We would like the ability to :

- modify the email the customer receive if the ip do not respond. The
default template should provide some instructions on what to do if
customer receive this email (i.e.: login to the account, and restart
services, open a ticket, etc...)

- if the customer want to monitor a website instead of an ip, to check
the website adress for content / common error, not only for ping

- ability to decide if we want to check for content only, or only verify
if the server get the ping response on the ip only, or both.

- ability for the customer to decide if they want to receive the alerts by email, sms, or not.

- ability to setup different ping verification intervals : 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, etc...

I invite you to reply to this thread, and tell me if you are interrest into such features!


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We will shortly be beginning work to build integration with nixstats for server monitoring. The integration will provide an easy way to onboard and setup monitoring for all of your server endpoints and provide the ability to access and view monitoring status without leaving WHMCS.
nixstats provides a full range of monitoring options including monitoring via a local agent deployed to machines, as well as web based HTTP, TCP and ICMP monitoring.
More information will be provided as it becomes available.
I would recommend an external service ... well here is a php script that makes its "server monitor" function excellent and is free...
I do not think this is something WHMCS should provide. Instead this should be build by third party.
Now that this is Under Consideration, I'll add my view on the way this should be integrated.
This would really need to work using multiple servers located geographically around the globe, it would need to have a single master or multiple masters for HA and then agents on the monitoring servers that act as a proxy, this should use an event/queue based system to distribute in a reliable manner even when one of the monitoring servers goes down another server should pick up the task, similar to how Zabbix works
It would probably be a better idea for WHMCS to not reinvent the wheel on this but to connect with a number of the top monitoring solutions that are free to use and install on your own platform, they have powerful APIs that could be integrated into WHMCS with custom configuration for notifications to customers and also setting up billable monitoring packages with options to charge for monitor type, frequency and number of available monitors.
Maybe have an open discussion to see what your customers really want.
Any updates ?
I cannot understand why WHMCS staff have kept this (high ranking) topic "In Progress" for a number of years without providing any kind of update or changing the status. It makes the community appear dead, although I know that's not the case because there are other topics being updated/approved.
Please WHMCS, could you provide a realistic status for this topic? It has been "In Progress" for a long time. The same goes for other top ranking topics which are "Under Investigation". It would make sense to clean your top ranking topics and give them accurate statuses! I don't actually support this suggestion but it's frustrating that the features request website appears abandoned in some areas.
Thank you
Any update on this?
Great idea! +1
I think it'd be nice if it could integrate with services like Nagios.

I use it for my servers, it would mean WHMCS doesn't have to monitor itself, but just read input from NAGIOS.
Does anyone know when the status on this one changed to "in progress", I can't see any comment from WHMCS here?
The problem is, you are using your backend to check a users web server, not knowing if it has malicious intent or not, what if they want your backend IP? This is possible but I would prefer not having my clients see my backend IP, the only way I would see this working is if WHMCS would connect to a VPS/server dedicated to uptime checking, but then how would it connect to that? It would be a large sized project for WHMCS as there can quite a few security risks on both side.
This is a must-have feature!
Really good feature +++
hyperspin integration
justasuggestion wrote:Hi,

I would like this :

-> ability to check if ping respond every X seconds
-> ability to check if po rt respond with a specific code (eg 200 )-> ability to check if response time is less than ...If something happen, then the customer and the admin should be warned, by email and / or by sms.

...there is also a couple of hook i am thinking about (i.e. warn the user by email, and then reboot the vm / server if it's down for more than X minutes / hours - if the vm doesn't get back online, then destroy the domain and re-create it). OVH does it on their dedicated servers, and customers love it. I'm pretty sure a simple whmcs install can do much better :)Thank you for reading :o)