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Quickbooks Integration

  • Rich Quintal shared this idea 11 years ago
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It would be great to have an export to quickbooks module. My company uses quickbooks for time management and accounting for web development work. It drives us nuts to have to enter all the WHMCS invoices at the end of the year!


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Quickbooks Online, the saas version, of course.

Would be great if this included Xero as well, well know and widely used in the UK with intergration with HMRC!
We would like a QB sync to WHMCS.

Actually I thought we read that it already had it. Would not have subscribed if I knew that it did not have a QB sync integration tool.
A native sync tool to upload data to accounting software's like quickbooks is needed asap.
This is a much-needed implementation into WHMCS. The ability to directly integrated with either QuickBooks or Xero would make an already powerful billing system into a greater partnership for a company.
please whm team, please add this
This would be a great idea however it needs to be opened up as more of a better export option. Maybe reconstruct this request as multiple data export options for accounting software. Much like how cPanel has autoconfigure exe's for multiple mail clients, allow WHMCS to have multiple export options for major accounting software such as Quickbooks, Sage Accounting, Freshbooks, standard csv, etc. This would be extreme valuable to could be done with just needing to know the formating for each of the accounting software.
We actually have a solution for QuickBooks Desktop if you don't use QuickBooks Online! You can check it out here:
Same here we dont use the online version and only use desktop. This has been on our want list for many years.
Just in case you'd like to automatically sync your data over to QuickBooks Online from WHMCS - we developed our own module for internal use, then released to the public almost a year ago - and both our team and 200+ clients love it!
It automatically syncs your WHMCS clients, invoices, payments and more to QuickBooks Online - in real time! It also pulls data in from QuickBooks Online and lets you manually push historical data over from WHMCS to QuickBooks Online - and much much more!
It will save you a ton of time exporting out of WHMCS and manually importing into QuickBooks Online!
Our module is right here:

Let us know if we can answer any questions :)
We also use the Quickbooks desktop version. An export to Quickbooks would be great!
We use QB desktop for everything. I sure wish there was a built in feature to export QBO files!
Would like to introduce again our module "Quickbook Integration module "

Order Page :
Features list :

Best module used to export data from WHMCS To your QuickBook account.
  • Customers Exporting
  • Invoices Exporting
  • Transactions Exporting
  • It's having very interesting features are -
  • Payment Gateway Mapping b/w WHMCS and QuickBook Account
  • Tax Mapping b/w WHMCS and QuickBook Account
  • Connection Status Indication
  • Logs Management
  • Exchange rate Conversion
  • Export data according to selected date stamp
In short ,you have everything in your hand before exporting data to your QuickBook Account.
And also , Can see every activities in Log Management feature.
Also, it export data in two way manually and automatically as well.

WHMCS Smarters Team
myworksdesign wrote:Hi all!!

We just released a fantastic new module that automatically integrates your WHMCS system with your QuickBooks Online company!

Featuring automatic syncing of invoices, automatic mapping of clients and products, and real-time updates, you'll wonder how you kept your books before our module!

Check it out along with more of its features here!

Link doesn't work.
Hey Guys. I have trying to install the myworksdesign new plugin.

it does not work. I have been trying for over three weeks, and they cant get it to work.