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Cloudflare Turnstile

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It is incredible that in version 8.9 they did not add this feature.
We use Cloudflare's Turnstile on the most of our 50+ websites.
The integrating takes less than 5 minute, normally just 2 lines of code :)

Do you have a process and lines of code ?
Stolen from the LTT channel, we can actually know that Google has a lot of security and privacy issues.
I would pay for a module for this feature but I think it should be included as part of whmcs security features.
I agree with this post should be added cloudflare
- Google reCaptcha is blocked in China, so if you use that with WHMCS, users from China are forced to use a VPN if they want to do things like login or submit a ticket (if you have captcha enabled on them, which many do on all options). CloudFlare Turnstile captcha service is not blocked in China and won't be as they have their own POPs in China.
- The built in WHMCS internal captcha is easy to bypass and essentially useless against a dedicated spammer/attacker.
- The built in WHMCS internal captcha is only numbers and English letters, an inconvenience for non-English keyboard users to solve.
- CloudFlare Turnstile is easy to complete similarly to Google reCaptcha for non-English users, and won't be blocked in countries that block.

This should only take an hour for an experienced developer to implement as an option, and since WHMCS caters to businesses, including large ones, and is required to have a secure billing platform, I am sure WHMCS has the developers to do this very quickly.
WHMCS needs to add this and seems like a simple integration.