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HubSpot Service Hub Integration

  • Ryan Bealey shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Integrations

Hi there,

I know for support tickets there's some integration with Kayako. I was wondering if it would be beneficial for some companies to have possible integration with HubSpot's new Service Hub platform? Specifically, probably integrating ticketing and the knowledge base so they live internally within WHMCS. Just a thought though.

Things HubSpot Service Hub can help with:

  • Ticketing
  • Customer feedback
  • Knowledge base
  • Live chat
  • Conversational bots
  • Conversations dashboard
  • Team email
  • Automation & routing
  • Reporting
  • Contact management
  • Contact & company insights
  • Company records
  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Email scheduling
  • Email tracking & notifications
  • Email templates
  • Email sequences
  • Documents
  • Calling
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Canned snippets
  • HubSpot branding removed
  • Salesforce integration
  • Phone & email support


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Any update on this? Would love to sync our tickets with HubSpot and just work there
This would be very useful!
It has our vote.
+1 This would be incredibly useful.
Please Consider it, it would be nice to have a crm in Whmcs. it will make things easy to our team and customers.

+1 -- This would be VERY useful.
I'm learning about HubSpot and would find it useful for management away from my main workspace.
Please consider it.
+1 Very useful.
Please if you can, do upvote this at
Will help speed up the adoption of this great idea.
Consider me in too.
This would be awesomest!