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Add native support for NameSilo registrar

  • Michael G shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Integrations

Add support for NameSilo in the next release. Many people, including myself, use the module NameSilo makes available, but it would be better if it came with WHMCS. They are a very user-friendly registrar with an easy API and their provided module works great. They have great prices and customer service and I'm sure many other WHMCS customers would use NameSilo if the module came natively with WHMCS. Thanks!


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Modules for third parties are created on demand. It’s quite challenging for us to implementing code that we have not developed ourselves for a number of reasons. We only officially distribute/include by default modules that are extremely popular amongst the largest segments of our user base.

This request has been open for 2 years and we only have 21 votes - the demand just isn't there to justify the development of an official module.
Too bad this registrar is not as popular as it's overrated competitors
We really need this added to WHMCS. It's ridiculous how they haven't added it yet.
we rly need namesilo on whmcs by default
Yeah, Namesilo is the best registrar for sure...
Namesilo users would be very happy if WHMCS consider this! :)
It would be nice for users like me to have it integrated in WHMCS :)
been waiting for this since years now, would be a great idea.
It would be a nice Christmas gift for NameSilo users like me to have it integrated in WHMCS.