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Add "Client Name" column back to Transaction Export

HiThe Transaction Export CSV used to include "Client Name" and "Net Amount" columns which I used when doing accounting. The new ex...

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Set Financial Year

Not everyones financial year runs January -> DecemberOurs runs April -> March each year, so we end up running two reports and manually combining...

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Top 10 Clients by Income Report - add date filtering

The Top 10 Clients by Income Report is very interesting to see where money comes from.I would like to suggest the addition of date filtering, so we ca...

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Income Forecast , include add-ons

I would like the same income forecast reporting to be present In Reports > Income Forecast as there is when you go to view the Admin Home Module:...

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Attrition / churn rate report

Being able to calculate the churn / attrition rate inside WHMCS might give us a quick glimpse to one of the most important metrics for any service pro...

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Add Company (i-o username) in report, invoices list, etc

Hey,I'm currently reviewing in details some aspects of the financial figures on WHMCSWHMCS is quite useful but i would need to see the company name in...

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Coupons marked as used upon payment

Would be great to make WHMCS promotional codes / coupons be marked as used once they really are, I mean, when a code its entered by a client and an or...

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Sales report by TLD

Would it be possible to add the option to generate sales reports by TLD? So know exactly the total of domain names sold in the month and how many of e...

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Year over year annual income report

Right now we have an annual income report which shows month over month with the current and previous 2 years. What would be really nice is to have a...

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Automatic support overview report generation and email

We periodically review certain reports as a team and this always involves a fair bit of manual operations (Ex: go to Support Overview, take a screen s...

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Remove cancelled products from the income forecast report.

When you run the income forecast report it includes products that have already been cancelled. Not even a Greek banker would try to get away with thi...

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Domain TLD Report

I believe there should be a way to list domains by TLD.

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Staff and admin notification of coming overdue

An option or report for listing coming overdues that will be a great help to find the termination list of services and users . So we can prepare and c...

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Annual/Monthly Income without TAX/VAT

Hello dears,Seems that there isn't anything in WHMCS that provide us the total Income with TAX excluded. This is a lack in my opinion and we should be...

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Sales Agent service sold Reporting

Adding a report breakdown for each sales member on what services they sold and how many of each sold in the month and year.Since we have 200+ differen...

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Overdue Invoices Report - Balance Due

On the Overdue Invoices report we have a column "total" The problem is some clients only make part payments or maybe don't pay the whole &qu...

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Client Last Logged in IP Report

It would be great if there was a report or search function to quickly Identify / link an IP to a client account. This would be useful for when you are...

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Add "Select All / Deselect All" for fields on export reports pages.

Pretty simple QOL request. We often use the built in export reports and I have to tap to each field to select all or most of them. It would save a lot...

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Add Company names to Sales Tax Liability and other Reports

On reports like Sales Tax Liability I'm missing the column "Company Name". It does show Client names, but we don't always work with client n...

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Revenue report // Report of what I've invoiced (all/ by month/etc.)

Hi all,WHMCS is missing one significant report (IMO), what has been invoiced in a month. In other words a revenue report.Let me explain:- There is an...

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Show credits on client statements

The problem we are facing is that when a client overpay on an invoice. For example the invoice amount is $200 and the client pays $250. The $50 credit...

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