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Multiple Billing Accounts using One Login

We desperately need to be able to use ONE login for multiple billing accounts.I'd prefer a username and password login, after which the client could v...

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Ability to assign a specific service/product to a ticket.

We need select "related service" when open a new ticket for a user from admin area! Also It's very interesting to able change "Related...

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2 Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator

As a WHMCS Operator, I would like the ability to have 2 Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator for security purposes.

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Disable Payment Reminder Notifications on a Per Account Basis

The automated 'Payment Reminder Notification' is useful in most situations, however, for clients that have setup automated payments on the day that th...

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Allowing a Client to be Assigned to Multiple Client Groups

It would be very helpful if you could assign a client to multiple client groups. As it is now, you can only assign them to one group. However, the a...

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Allow multiple phone numbers per contact

Some clients need multiple phone numbers for each contact. Would like to see a drop down for Office, Home, Cell, Fax, and Other with each number.

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Include link to reset password in Client Signup Email

When manually creating clients, the process to get the user to create their password is extremely cumbersome. It would be great if we could include a...

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Restrict users access to certain products

I'm happy with the new users and client accounts system update. We can choose what permissions each user has. However, right now we can't restrict the...

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Search clients by Tax ID / VAT Number

After updating the WHMCS to the latest release (7.8.2) and run the VAT migration tool, in order to move the VAT Number customfield values to the new T...

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Specify user password via admin

Sometimes email is an issue and I have clients unable to recieve the password reset. They call and request I reset it on my end for them so they can l...

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Add custom client fields for sub-accounts / contacts

As a web-hosting provider, I would like the ability to add custom fields for contacts and sub-accounts.We need a way to add more information per conta...

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Tax Configuration - Tax ID/VAT-ID Mandatory

This request is to have an option to force the Tax ID/VAT-ID to be mandatory. At this moment (WHMCS 7.7 RC1) the field is optional, but some companies...

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Bulk account deletion option

WHMCS does not naively offer a bulk delete option.I have quite a number of "bad" (now closed) accounts created (registered) by bots or hacke...

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Postcode and zipcode verification

It seems WHMCS does not perform any verification checks on user address, specifically the Postcode/zip code (for USA addresses).USA Postcode/zip code...

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Updating the Client Account email should also update the User's email

When the client changes their email from "Your profile" in WHMCS 8.1, no 'verification' is done on their new Email.In WHMCS 7.X, when the us...

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Allow us to block invoice payments if email of a client is unverified

Hello,I noticed that most clients don't bother to verify their emails. Therefore, I thought of a simple solution, that would allow us to "force&q...

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Add Date Field to Custom Client Fields

It can be in any format eg. DD.MM.YYYY

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update StatesDropdown.js to include Ireland Counties

Add the following line to assets/StateDropdown.js to have default support for Rep. of Ireland Countiesstates['IE'] = ["Co...

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set email notifications for users

Currently there is no way to set email notifications for a user, so if you want other users to get certain email notifications, such as invoice remind...

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Stop clients being able to order new services

This request may seem a bit backward but I feel it would be useful...It came about as we have a difficult client and communications have broken down s...

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Allow invited user to remove relationship with account

When a user is invited to another client account, only the owner of that account can remove the relationship with any invited user.It would be great i...

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Custom User Attributes/Fields

Hello,Prior to WHMCS 8.0 we utilized the built in client custom fields to know more about the user. Now that the users are separated from the actual c...

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Suspend account services with unverified email!

It would be great if the whmcs add that!Customers who do not check their e-mail within the established deadline will have their services suspended unt...