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Postcode and zipcode verification

  • Action Hosting shared this idea 9 years ago
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It seems WHMCS does not perform any verification checks on user address, specifically the Postcode/zip code (for USA addresses).

USA Postcode/zip code is either 5 digits or 5+4 with first value representing their state. You can find more details at
I'm sure there are also many already built codes available online that does the verification.

Not only is this a good feature to ensure accurate user profiles, it fixes a problem with Plesk integration.
Parallels Plesk Automation (PPA) performs postcode/zip code check for USA addresses when users are created. Since WHMCS does not check this, if a WHMCS client has improper postcode/zip code and has USA address, and WHMCS sends API call to PPA to create this user, it will fail because PPA will reject the invalid postcode/zip code.
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    UK Address Verification
    As part of our data compliance with being a Nominet Member and Accredited Tag Partner we have to have data validation checks in place. Can you please add UK Post code validation as part of the registration and address changes.This would require users to have to switch this option on as there is a cost associated with look ups. Technical details, demo and information can be found here:


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Bump. We too are experiencing this issue with the WHMCS Plesk module. It's costing us staff hours and customer satisfaction.
UK Addresses and Postcodes too please