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Updating the Client Account email should also update the User's email

  • Sufiyan Shaikh shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Clients

When the client changes their email from "Your profile" in WHMCS 8.1, no 'verification' is done on their new Email.
In WHMCS 7.X, when the user changes email, the new email is considered as 'unverified' and it needs to be verified.

Upon contacting the WHMCS support team, they said:
For e-mail verification, it takes into account the e-mail address on the Client themselves - it doesn't consider the login User. Therefore if you change the e-mail address on the User itself, it won't affect the e-mail verification status show on the client area (usually the "Your Profile" page).

I request WHMCS to verify email when changed in "Your profile" page like it was in WHMCS 7.x because this is important too.

WHMCS Team Clarification:
This request is about maintaining synchronization between the Account email address and User email address, if there is a 1:1 relationship (ie. the Account is associated with just one User who is the Owner, not associated with any other Accounts). Updating the User or Account email address would also update the value at the other location, either via a prompt to the user or automatically.

This would then trigger the verification of the Owner User's new email address, and in turn potentially simply account management for those who don't need multiple Users.


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Hi Kevin - sorry to be such a noob, but I uploaded it to includes/hooks, now what do I do? I don't understand how hooks work or more correctly how to use them!
I've written the hook based on the comment from WHMCS, and made it available for free - you can find it here:
In the meantime, this could potentially be achieved on a custom basis via Action Hooks, updating the Account Profile/User EMail when the other option is updated:
Hi Sufiyan,
The email verification is done on the Client Account email, this is the entity which owns the services and to whom the invoices are issued. Therefore this is the email address which is verified.
Please do share the benefit you would gain from verifying the email address used just for login purposes?
Hello John,

The benefit will be:
1) Security for hosting company (one's the email verified, it can be changed and then user can purchase anything using the "new email" because billing will be generated with the 'new email') [request you check it how it works because upon my testing, the invoice was sent to the new email owner]
2) While registering domain name, it is compuslorly as per ICANN rule to verify Email address to ensure ownership of domain and 'techincally' the 'new email' will be the owner of the domain. [Again I request you to check it once as you said invoice and services will be issues to 'Client Account email' which is not happening and Domain registrar module is using the new email]

If I tested more, I am sure I can give more valid reasons for the email verification but the 2 mentioned above are the main reason for this feature to get implemented in the next update.