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Allow multiple phone numbers per contact

  • Richie Schut shared this idea 8 years ago
  • Clients

Some clients need multiple phone numbers for each contact. Would like to see a drop down for Office, Home, Cell, Fax, and Other with each number.
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    Mobile Telephone number fields for all contacts
    Hi All,Mobile phones are very important these days, so it is really strange that there would not be a separte field to fill out the users mobile number.This number can then be used for SMS monitoring and ofcourse just to call customers.I hope this feature can be implemented soon.Regards,Justin SignerSpango Internet B.V.


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There is a module available where you can create unlimited sub account custom fields.
multiple numbers, but also - need to have extension along with phone number
Seriously, we need this ability. multiple phone numbers and let us chose the type each phone is.
Yes, yes, yes! Just lost (submitted, error, field value lost) a phone number because I forgot that the work around (adding a new contact) requires an extra email address.
The suggestion in other posts to use a custom field for this is bogus, because custom fields aren't available for contacts - only the main client screen. We need the ability to have additional phone numbers at both the client and contact level. Phone numbers preferably would allow us to create any number of phone numbers, and have a separate drop down for type of number, eg mobile, direct, main, home, etc.
It's unbelievable that you can't store a cell number and extension for your contacts. This should be a standard feature. We need this asap so we can migrate from a legacy application.
+1In Domain Registrant contact informations, you can add telephone and mobile, but whmcs uses only 1 phone number.


There should be an option for alternate phone numbers and email address (with an option "alway cc") as well