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Contact custom fields


it would be very useful to add a new type of custom field for products: contact.

There would be a dropdown where you can choose one of the clients contact to associate the service / product with a contact. So it would be possible to link a service to a special employee.


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This would be very useful to us. We have several clients with a lot of services. They have different contact people for most of those services. A very simple example: a marketing contact for web development but an IT contact for web hosting.
Hello John,

I'm not the OP, but I was trying to wrap my head around the entire duplicate email issue for when a client has multiple companies (accounts) and one management account. As it stands each account still has to have a unique email address and so it almost defeats the purpose of having a single "user" manage multiple accounts.

My proposed solution (which I was going to try in my dev env) was to automatically create the user AND a contact on account creation via a MySQL trigger. This trigger would also then set a "generic" email (something like [email protected]) at the Account level and disable all email notifications to this address, while at the same enabling all notifications for the contact that it created.

The issue would be that there is no way to prevent deletion of this "linked" contact. I thought of marking the contact with a custom field called "Primary Contact" or something like that. Now the actual account information can be linked through this Primary Contact. Since contacts can have duplicate email addresses this is a reasonable work-around in my opinion. But there would need to be some kind of hook to not allow deletion of primary contacts.

Or, better yet, would be to create stronger relationships between account/user/contact. Make the User automatically become a contact for the account. This would negate the need to even have an email address at the account level.

I hope that's understandable and not a bunch of rambling unorganized thoughts.
I think you thinking of just adding a custom field the contact form , but the contact form only sends an email and does not save in the database so there really is no extra custom fields that can be added.

However if you wish to record customers views or info from there site visits via your contact form (you might need to look at gdpr etc. here this is recording user data) you could use javascript to save there visit data to localhost and them if they send a contact message attach it to the end of the email message.

Anyhow thats what I'm going to attemp to do now as I think this is possibly the only option... unless someone knows better
Hi Thomas,
Thanks for your suggestion.
What function would assigning a contact to a product have? Is it purely a label for reference or something more?
Thomas, the purpose it would serve is to have the ability to add alternate contact phone numbers (cell, etc.) We've been wanting this for years but more focus has been put into the marketplace integrations than improving the core.