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Allow users to receive emails

  • Dennis Skov Hermannsen shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Clients

If you want to setup a new user that's going to take care of invoices, you will also need to setup a contact. Users can't receive email notifications (for new invoices for example). That's rather inconvenient.
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    set email notifications for users
    Currently there is no way to set email notifications for a user, so if you want other users to get certain email notifications, such as invoice reminders, then the only way to do this is to set them as a contact as well.This has been confirmed by WHMCS staff.Please can this be added so that users can have the same notification settings as contacts, as it rather defeats the point if you also have to add them as a contact.


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I don't think creating a User should create a Contact as well. Those should be different.
The point of this suggestion was that Users should be able to configure which emails they want to receive for a specific account.
The implementation is a bit confusing though. It's odd that one has to manually create email Contact for Users. Perhaps consider creating them automatically when users are created in a future version, as it's not obvious that it's needed.
We use whmcs via API only and would like to be able to have consistency with emails. Today we're forced to send emails outside of WHMCS, and would like to use it as the audit log to control emails, templates, etc.

As a first step, we'd ask that function be updated to have the ability, via the API only to also send emails to:

At present it is limited to:

What you must provide for the Related ID depends upon the type of email being sent. The available options are:

General Email Type = Client ID (
Product Email Type = Service ID (
Domain Email Type = Domain ID (
Invoice Email Type = Invoice ID (
Support Email Type = Ticket ID (
Affiliate Email Type = Affiliate ID (