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Add custom client fields for sub-accounts / contacts

As a web-hosting provider, I would like the ability to add custom fields for contacts and sub-accounts.

We need a way to add more information per contact person - his role, his birthday, his gender - or any other relevant custom client fields that related to a specific contact information.



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This is actually will add value to the development. Very much needed now for my system!
Please add this functionality
There is an old feature request about it with 84 votes:
Please see the comment from your WHMCS Cole 2 years ago (in the previous feature request):

"Hi Ram, we realized we had set the status of this case to Declined a while back, where we actually meant to set it to Currently Declined. We felt the Currently Declined status better reflects our thoughts on sub account management at this time - something that we are not going to work on right now, but may in the future. We felt that the Declined status could be perceived as something that we will never work on."

So 2 years ago it was set to Currently Declined that according to WHMCS is different from Declined.
After 2 years it's time to re visit the issue.
Please do reconsider.