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Project Management

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Email notifications in the Project Management add-on

It would be good to get email notifications on new projects that are posted that have been assigned to you, and also notifications on tasks and the me...

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Edit Tasks Templates on Project Managment

Hi,right now we can save / load templatesthere is no any option to:1. remove tasks templates2. edit Task Templates, Include:a. Add taskb. remove taskc...

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Easier input of tracked time

It would be better if we could just enter hours and minutes worked for a specific date rather than have to start a timer, stop the timer, klick the tr...

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Service contracts and retainers

Retainers (prepay for an amount of tickets and/or time).Service contracts (pay for monthly support, maybe a retainer wich you are able to subscribe to...

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Allow disable of email notifications in Project Manager Addon

Allow disable of email notifications in Project Manager Addon. There are also a number of requested for this feature within the topic "Email not...

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Milestones & Sub-Tasks

You should be able to create milestones and then under the milestone, add in the tasks and sub-tasks that need to be done in order to get the mileston...

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Project management - view for projects that have active timers

A special view to see what projects have active timers

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Improvement to Time Tracking / Timer

This recent update to project management has made the time tracking less effective and creates more work. The new 'start timer' is always Unassigned a...

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Progect management prepaid hours

Hi,It would be nice to use the Project Management addon in the following way:1. Client buy an amount of prepaid working hours (let's say 10 hours)2. A...

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Sub Tasks

we need to have the ability to assign Sub Tasks that can be checked off within tasksso for example let say we have a task called "Domain Transfer...

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Project Management Employee Time Sheet Report

in The Project Management module we notice that if we want to give each employee (user) an access to his own time sheet report so we need to give him...

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Ability to add notes when creating a new task

Please add the option to enter notes when creating a task.At present one needs to add the task, then edit the task to add notes. Removing the need for...

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Get notification when client submit a Task

Ability to get email notification when client submit a Task on client area

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Default Sort & Deleting Times & quick start time option

I love the new 2.0, it's great, but there are a couple of features that I preferred in the original. It would be great if these could come back:1. Be...

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Assign project and tasks to multiple users or user group in Project Management

Hello!For me, this is the main reason why my company can't switch to use Project Management add-on. I hope i'm not alone :)

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Client Email Notification Emails of Project Actions

As a business owner I'd like the ability for email notifications to be sent automatically to clients when certain actions are performed by staff on a...

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Add the ability to translate date strings in the Project Management addon

Client area sections of the Project Management addon will show the date in English format regardless of the clients language. For example: Thursday, J...

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Project Management Client Area enable per client / project

At present you can enable to show all projects in the client area.What would be far more useful is to have this option at a client or project level as...

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Add "my tasks" to the project management home widget

I would like to see a tab created on the project management widget on the home page for " my tasks"Also if that is possible to have that as...

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Please add a way to set a project task a start and end time

Hi, Please add a way to set a project task a start and end time for each task.Now we can only set the Due Date regardless of the time to do the task i...

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Add a collision check when assigning a task to an admin

Hi, Now we can assign several tasks to the same admin at the same time regardless if the admin is free or not at the specific date.We need a way to ch...

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Project Management: client interaction improvements

Client's should be able to add messages to a project, referencing a file or task. Additionally, admins should be able to respond to these messages. I...

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Project management ability to hide billing tab by role

Wit the project management module it would be great if we can hide the billing tab for certain roles as we don't want to share financials with all mem...

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