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Please add a way to set a project task a start and end time

  • ramf shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Project Management

Please add a way to set a project task a start and end time for each task.
Now we can only set the Due Date regardless of the time to do the task in each date.


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Our usage is a little different, we use the tasks for site surveys and they are assigned to field technicians, they have have 4 or 5 survey tasks to complete in a day, so being able to allocate a time slot is useful as it then shows up in the calendar in the specified timeslot. Currently we are just adding the time range into the Project name.
Hi John,
The time entries you mentioned are good for tracking the time the task took to complete so we can bill the customer - right?
But my feature request is about setting the time frame to do / complete a task.

Let's say this is a web design project with several tasks such as initial client interview, develop page mockups, develop content, upload files to demo site, QA etc.
We need a way not only to track the time we spent on each task (using the Time Tracking option you mentioned) - but also to set the exact time to do each task.

Now we can only set the Due Date for the task - but if we need to do an "initial client interview" we need to do it at a certain time we scheduled it with the customer - right? It's not enough to set the Due Date to 11/11/2021 we need to be more specific and set the task (in this case appointment) starting hour and also ending hour.

Another example is the "upload files to demo site" task - we have to set the exact time to do it (not only dates) - to the QA team will know when to expect to be able to start the QA.

Adding a way to set the starting and ending time of a task will help us plan in advance what do we need to do in each time and not only a general guideline per day.

This time frame of a task can then be converted to a Time Tracking billing entry or to be divided to several "manually reported" Time Tracking entry to bill the client by.

Having a specific starting and ending time of a task will also help us manage the load and availability for each admin.
Now we can assign as manny tasks as we want to each admin - regardless if he is free to do it or not. if we had a time frame (starting and ending time of a task) we could have a check to see if the admin is free to do it or not and thus having a better way to manage our workload per admin and be able to deliver the project to the customer in the time frame we promised to the client.

So - I really think that having the option to set starting and ending time of a task is crucial.

I hope I was clear - I will gladly add more explanation if needed.
Hi Ram,
Thanks for your suggestion. A single task can have multiple time entries, each with their own start time and end time.
Can you help us understand what the benefit would be of setting times at the task level as well?