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Add a collision check when assigning a task to an admin

Now we can assign several tasks to the same admin at the same time regardless if the admin is free or not at the specific date.
We need a way to check if the admin is free to do the task or not when assigning him to the task.

This is very important especially if you will add a way to set the start and end time for each task as requested here:

So when assigning a task to an admin there should be a collision check to see if the admin is free at the specific date and time to to the task.
When selecting a admin that have another task on the same date – there will be an alert “please note that this admin (the relevant name) have another task at the same date – a task in project name 313124 (a link to see the relevant project that will be opened in a new tab) that’s starts at 10:00 until 12:00" or something like that.


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