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Assign project and tasks to multiple users or user group in Project Management

  • Ana Bradu shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Project Management

For me, this is the main reason why my company can't switch to use Project Management add-on. I hope i'm not alone :)


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you should also be able to assign tasks to the client - if they have agreed to supply information for example
This is also a standard feature. If you have a team (Graphic Designer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, etc...) you should be able to assign those tasks to either that person or group. When those users login, they should be able to see only the tasks they need to do.
agree with this. I just got the add-on and was disappointed it was not a feature. I am going to have to create duplicate tasks so I can have 2 people working on the same job and assign one to each person.