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Progect management prepaid hours

  • Luca G shared this idea 9 years ago
  • Project Management


It would be nice to use the Project Management addon in the following way:

1. Client buy an amount of prepaid working hours (let's say 10 hours)

2. A member of the support staff track the time used in a specific project (i.e. 9 hours)

3. Client view that he has 1 hour left that can be used in the future for another project

Thank you!



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This sounds identical to me to the feature request called "Service contracts and retainers" which includes this functionality along with recurring equivalents. It also happens to be covered by existing modules for WHMCS like the ModulesGarden Time and Task Manager or Holodyn's equivalent (mentioned in the other request).
We too wanna this kind of feature :)
That's an awesome idea
We also require a simple prepaid hours tracking system that is integrated with whmcs.

Currently we use 2 systems which are not connected - painful.