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Project Management Employee Time Sheet Report

  • Ammar Abu Qoura shared this idea 6 years ago
  • Project Management

in The Project Management module we notice that if we want to give each employee (user) an access to his own time sheet report so we need to give him an access to all reports in whmcs.
it will be very nice to allow each Employee to see his own time sheet

This will help any company that work based on hours and not fixed salary


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Providing individual employees with designated access to their own timesheet reports is an effective way to manage projects and increase employee transparency and self-management.
Reports by project and employee would also be really useful for payment dispersal. At the moment, I have to generate the entire time log, copy the information into an excel sheet, and then sort by project in order to find out how much a specific employee should be paid for a specific project. It's really cumbersome, and there should be some feature within Project Managment where I could see that information.
Please do this one!