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Include email addresses that were added via CC to opening ticket and all replies

A number of our clients use email only to contact us for support. They never visit the ticket area of our support site.These clients tend to CC other...

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Support Ticket Custom Field Type for Encrypted Data

Similar to my proposed request for encrypting the support ticket replies in the database, I would like to propose that a custom field type for support...

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GDPR Compliance (Legally required by 2018)

We use the Email Marketer tool to send out two types ofemails based on the service you buy.Upsell email marketing3 emails over a 7 day period to help...

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Purpose OX APP Suite on EU servers

Today, OX APP Suite is only purposed on US Servers trough MarketConnect.Please, make it available on EU server also because OX prupose it : https://eu...

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When using the Email Marketer tool - send only one email per product per order

Hi, We are using the Email Marketer tool in order to send an offer to buy product 2 to a customer who bought product 1 by using the Number of Days aft...

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Ability to disable domain sync emails

We (and many others from looking in Google) would like the ability to disable domain sync emails unless there is an issue/error in the domain sync. We...

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Invoice Auto Login Feature from email Templates

We need an AUTO Login Link feature in Invoice Email templates and PDF Invoices. There is a serverping addon available

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Option to Overwrite Scheduled Email Campaigns Frequency

The new Email Campaigns Tool in WHMCS 8.0 is pleasing, especially the Schedule Campaign option. However, the Email Campaign functionality currently ha...

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E-Mail Template Smarty Error/Sanity Check

We just had a case where editing in HTML caused some rogue HTML to make it into the plain text code of an e-mail template that broke the Smarty Templa...

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Ability to edit System Email Templates

I would like to request the ability to change/modify templates of System Emails likeWHMCS Domain Synchronisation Cron ReportWHMCS Automatic Setup Fail...

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Support for MailerSend as an additional Email Provider

It could be great if WHMCS added additional email providers on the Mail tab, specifically MailerSend, for transactional emails. MailerSend has a bette...

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support and document the usage of support department custom fields for ticket e-mail templates

Currently the support department custom fields are not documented nor supported for usage in the ticket e-mail templates. This should be changed, as i...

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email marketer - Add Domain Registration to Product Filter

HIWe want to create a e-mail marketer rule to email those who have registered a domain name with us but do not have any hosting products. Currently do...

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Add Terms of Service checkbox to Contact Form

Without a checkbox where any visitor accept that his data are going to be send or save, the Contact form potentially does not help me meet my GDPR obl...

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Rate Limit Email Verification Emails

A client of mine entered the wrong email while registering on our website. He requested email verification five times straight. Because his email didn...

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Modify FROM and REPLY-TO in Ticket Notifications

I need to all emails sent by my WHMCS have a FROM Address: [email protected] emails sent by the support tickets are being sent by their email (...

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The ability to stop all emails from being sent to a client account

Hello,It would be great to see an option on the client profile, when enabled ensuring that no emails at all are sent to the client's email including a...

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Update PDF invoice encoding for RTL languages to UTF-8

Hi there, your PDF invoice not work in RTL languages Because it's not gave UTF-8 encoding Please fix it Thank you

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Add some Merge Tags to email templates - requestor_email and support department's custom fields

A follow up request based out of a ticket exchange I had with support (UYJ-366196).It would be a GREAT addition to be able to, from within email templ...

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We would need to be able to bypass sending emails to current customers to avoid spam on "x days after order date" option.

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Klaviyo Integration email marketing + e-commerce automation

Hi there,I know WHMCS recently has a Mailchimp integration with abandoned cart, but personally I'm not really a Mailchimp enthusiast. There are better...

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Email composition/sending permission delegation.

Requested to create permission delegation on email composition. So we can decide what admin has permission to send Mass email.This request will avoid...

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HTML Email Signature

It would be a great feature to add HTML to the email signature of each staff management.I realize there's a one generic email signature (Global Email...