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Purpose OX APP Suite on EU servers

Today, OX APP Suite is only purposed on US Servers trough MarketConnect.
Please, make it available on EU server also because OX prupose it :


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Hi, @WHMCS, any ETA about this feature ?
Please @WHMCS ...
Any news for this feature?
Still no news about this request ? Please WHMCS...
Fully support this - for people seeing in the UK and EU this is essential for compliance with GDPR
Hello Jon,
Thanks for supporting this.
Don't hesitate to vote for this feature. You can add 3 votes / month.
Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion.
OX operate EU and US services completely separately, therefore implementing such an option might require them to operate as a separate product range (ie. Maintaining a new OX EU product group).

Might that sort of arrangement be acceptable?
Hello John,
Sure it's acceptable. It can works the same way that today some hosting provider are purposing US Hosting, EU Hosting, India Hosting etc...
But please, just purpose a way to sell it on EU servers, the way to handle at the moment is not the problem !
Thank you very much in advance. I'm waiting for this since many years...
that's fine, also make it so you sell addon storage too as having only 0.5 gb is not enough and OX gives the option of addon storage for cents each additional GB.
Hi Juan Carlos,
Please could you open a separate feature request for adding the ability to increase the storage limits?