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Add Terms of Service checkbox to Contact Form

Without a checkbox where any visitor accept that his data are going to be send or save, the Contact form potentially does not help me meet my GDPR obligations as a business based in Europe. So please, add it, thank you.


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They just added the acceptance box with a hook.
This should be an option for WHMCS to comply with the RGPD.
Attached is the link if you'd like to check it out.
Our manager tells us that we must have a box on all forms for the customer to accept the privacy policy as well.
I think you should add the checkbox in the contact form and in the customer registration form.
Please check this
Hi Aitor,
Thanks for your feature suggestion.
We're interested to hear which GDPR requirement you feel necessitates this?
At present, our understanding is that explicit consent or agreement to terms and conditions/privacy policy isn't required to reply to an email sent to you by a potential customer.
I was coming to publish a similar request. This box is necessary to request the client's consent.