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Add some Merge Tags to email templates - requestor_email and support department's custom fields

A follow up request based out of a ticket exchange I had with support (UYJ-366196).

It would be a GREAT addition to be able to, from within email templates (specifically to the "Admin -> Support Ticket Change Notification" email template) be able to have relevant information sent to staff on the email, and not simply store that info on the ticket system.

An example of that is that if a user create a new support ticket from the submitticket.php form (on the front-end), if that user isn't a client, the email that is sent out to notify support department doesn't include that user's email address. It is only stored in the viewticket admin area.
So the addition of a {$requestor_email} merge tag inside Email Template would do great benefit in providing more information in the actual email.

Another example that occurred to me is that custom fields for a support department are not available inside email templates. This is an issue because for some support departments I need more then the basic fields and that information needs to be funnelled outside of WHMCS to other staff. Having access to that ticket's custom fields would be a great addition to enable further integration (such as email parsing in a Zapier app to send that info back to, for example)

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