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Option to Overwrite Scheduled Email Campaigns Frequency

  • Jafar Muhammed shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Email

The new Email Campaigns Tool in WHMCS 8.0 is pleasing, especially the Schedule Campaign option.

However, the Email Campaign functionality currently has a hardcoded limit of 25 emails per run and can run every 5 minutes by default. This 5 minute is based on our cron setup. It can be every minute or every hour.

There isn't currently a way to override this limit.

If my cron is configured to run every 5 minutes, then every 5 minutes, I can only send 25 emails. If I have 10k customers, my mail campaign will take more than a day to complete.

For a time-critical mail like a maintenance notification would be very difficult with this setup.

I request to provide a feature where we can overwrite this setting based on our requirements.


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We need option in emergency
Is there a feature yet? Update it at
In older WHMCS releases we were able to change sending speed settings, but now this feature is not available anymore.
It would be great to be included in the next release.
It’s inconceivable that the Mass Mail Tool was replaced and the functionality to configure the rate of sending was removed. This makes it impossible to contact thousands of customers in a timely manner (but worry not, WHMCS will still happily charge you for a license for those thousands of customers)
Yes please and a big upvote for this feature!
We used to control the number of emails that can be sent for each cron run but now it takes hours to send only a few hundred emails.
We hope we'll get this ASAP!
The function of editing email limits by each cron should come back right away, for experienced users just add an advanced option, it takes me days to finish sending marketing emails.
Yes we need this!
In the past we could send 2000 emails in 20 minutes. Now it takes 4 hours.

It's frustrating that we even have to request this feature. The Email Campaigns tool is clearly a replacement of the Mass Mail too. When creating this new tool, why did WHMCS not properly consider the old functionality? It feels like a feature has been taken away.