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More Beautifull Order Pages

Staff Edit:We've put together a brief survey to gather data from you, our valued client, to cater this experience not based off what we think it shoul...

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Product Addon with Quantity

It appears that one cannot create a product addon and allow the customer to specify the quantity they desire. This would be usefull in a scenario wher...

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Mobile Version of WHMCS for Clients

I would like to see a mobile version of WHMCS for clients.I would like for them to purchase for a domain, hosting packages, etc... from their phone.

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No payment required on $0.00 orders

If the client is purchasing a free product or using a coupon code that brings the total down to $0.00, they're still required to choose a payment meth...

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Add Easy Translation to Configurable options and Product addons

I am running a Dutch/English website. So I like the new ability to rename products and their headers. However I desperately need to be able to transla...

67 Votes
Ability to set a default for custom fields

It should be possible to set a default for custom fields including the check box field type.For example and in particular, we have a customer field of...

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Allow users to enter their own password during ordering process

During product or service check out allow users to enter their own password. Then check password against standard security password guidelines that...

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Non-latin characters transformation in the SEO-friendly URIs

The SEO-friendly URL generation function removes non-latin letters. But some of them are important letters that should be transformed to their closest...

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Add company name to Registrant Information dropdown list

On the order page there is a section "Domain Registrant Information" which has a dropdown list of contacts on the client's account. The drop...

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Create products for subdomains through "Use existing domain" option in cart

This used to be available in previous versions on WHMCS. I got this response from support when asking about it:"As part of the Domain Checker ref...

29 Votes
Adding sub-groups/sub-categories

Hi WHMCS Community!This topic is long due. Would you agree that having the ability to add sub-groups/sub-categories will benefit us all?If you have or...

27 Votes
Ability to remove the nameserver options on order page

Hello,My idea is to give the ability to remove the nameserver options on the order page because for example, when you sell VPS hosting, you don't real...

25 Votes
Configurable Options Slider Limitations

At present, it's possible to configure the Quantity Options Slider with:- Price per single increment- Minimum Quantity- Maximum QuantityThis works if...

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Add product addon custom fields to order forms

A simple request to implement product addon custom fields just as they are for normal products. The underpinnings of it are already present, even show...

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One Page Checkout / Streamline the checkout process

There are numerous third party addons that provide this functionality, but they come with yearly subscriptions, or absurd initial pricing, or lack of...

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Configurable Options Description

When configurable options display on the order pages, it would be nice by default if we could setup a description of each option to appear along side...

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Discount promotion code to show on the first page of order template

Hi, I think it would be beneficial to add option when new visitor open the product link with discount code example https://domain. com/billing/

20 Votes
Hide Specific payment method from specific client

HiWe would like to see this feature available in WHMCS in which we can allow specific payment method only per clients, for example, if we have a high...

19 Votes
Show monthly price by paying annual

Nowadays, almost all grander suppliers such as Godaddy show the product the lowest price they offer, usually the price of the month if it is paid all...

14 Votes
Show the lowest monthly price

Hello,We, as most providers, offer the best Monthly pricing when paying Triennially. In such a scenario, Monthly payments usually have the highest cos...

12 Votes
HTML/Code In Custom Product Fields

We need to be able to add working HTML to the custom product fields. This is so we can implement a tooltip next to each custom field. All we would do...

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If you have enough credit, you should be able to hide the payment methods at checkout.

If you have enough credit, you should be able to hide the payment methods at checkout.

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Create a single product category to list all products

In WHMCS version 8.0.4 with the six stock template Browse All is redirecting to first product group where as it should list all products in page index...