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Configurable Options Description

  • Chris Smith shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Order Forms

When configurable options display on the order pages, it would be nice by default if we could setup a description of each option to appear along side that option when ordering a product. You can do this for product custom fields, but not when setting up configurable options.


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Would love to see this as well. We've added it via JavaScript, but that means the text isn't easily editable within WHMCS :(
This is a very important feature, it should be options like custom fields.
Any update on the "planned" status of this request?
We have accepted this request and moved it into the planning stage, however it would be possible even today to add descriptions with a relatively simple template edit.
Could you elaborate?
As a billing tool, WHMCS is excellent. As a sales tool ... well, it leaves a little to be desired. Upselling is important to business and configurable options can help do that. I agree that descriptive configurable options would be a +.