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Add Easy Translation to Configurable options and Product addons

  • Sebastiaan shared this idea 8 years ago
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I am running a Dutch/English website. So I like the new ability to rename products and their headers.

However I desperately need to be able to translate the names and text of product addons on configurable options.


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UP ! 8 years and no response from WHMCS
I noticed these days that it is not possible to translate the configurable options, so the WHMCS is translated in half, why not insert the same translation configuration of the products in all the fields where it is necessary to insert a name?
Please please please! Without this WHMCS can not be multi-language in full.
Hard to believe it's been 4 years and still no translation for configurable option. WHMCS first goal is to send invoices and it still cannot send invoices in one language as configurable option are not translatable. Can we get more traction on this request so WHMCS dev can finally resolve this?
I confirm there's a need of this feature or a solution to do an alternative?

Pls who knows a solution pm me ...

Many thanks.
Any update on this? Invoices are currently a mess with different languages in the same invoice.
At least allow us to use smarty variables like {$LANG.test.tester} as the name of a Configurable Option and we can manually manage their values on the corresponding language files.
I need to do the same thing. Hope WHCMS can support us to do it.
please we are surviving about that issue.

You should solve it ASAP.
2 years from the first request is quite some time. Of course, having translation through all WHMCS and configurable options don´t is a deal breaker. Please add an option that let us to be able to translate the configurable options.
Configurable Options without translation are a big problem. Please look into this
This is among a few other things about multilanguage support in WHMCS that is missing now.
Another missing features are:

  • date localization
  • proper friendly urls in knowlegebase for non latin articles, instead of -----.html
Product addons and staff departments are now translated. Still waiting for the configurable options! This is getting problematic.
I agree it's very useful ability translate configurable options.
This should have been covered already, you state to offer a multilanguage platform but if everything is not translatable I am then unlawfull in my country I have to offer french version of absolutely everything
Same here for English / French !
My Order Summary is currently a mess!

Thank you
Order SummaryOrder Summary is currently a mess!
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