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HTML/Code In Custom Product Fields

  • Jonny Hardwick shared this idea 9 years ago
  • Order Forms

We need to be able to add working HTML to the custom product fields. This is so we can implement a tooltip next to each custom field. All we would do is simply place the tooltip code after the field label text to allow the tooltip to appear next to the label.

For example:

Label text goes here <tooltip html goes here>

Then the tooltip would appear next to the label, allowing a different tooltip text to be entered for each label without having to edit the template files.


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Adding tooltips or additional helper text to your custom fields can already be achieved with a simple template edit.

Allowing entry and execution of arbitrary HTML is generally not a good idea from a security standpoint so we are going to mark this as declined for now.
Would be good to have an HTML field for descriptions, notes etc
it would be so usefull also to enter links