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Prevent Fake Account - Registration Confirmation

We often have customer who entered wrong data at the registration form. I think it would be nice if the customer have to confirm their e-mail address....

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Bootstrap 4 Support

Update WHMCS to Bootstrap 4 instead of 3.3.7.

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Responsive Template

client area responsive template

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Support Pin Code

Similar to Namecheap and GoDaddy and Support Pin the user can find in the Client Area would make Support Calls a lot easier to verify the owner of the...

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155 Votes
Hosting Account Quota Notifications

I cant believe this does not exist in WHMCS!When a client reaches his disk quota limit we get a notification from our Control Panel (in our case Direc...

153 Votes
RTL support for clientarea and admin themes

Hi,as you may know Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu are the most widespread RTL writing systems in modern times.I guess that there are lots of users...

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Control SSL Status Monitoring per Product

Starting with WHMCS 7.7.0 SSL monitoring has been introduced. It currently appears to check for a valid SSL certificate for All products/services tha...

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Date language translation on client area

There are many date fields in the client area not translated.The last 7.5 version only added strings for announcements and not for the client area lis...

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Please add a way to sell embedded videos as a products

Hi, Please add a way to sell embedded videos as a products.Now one can use the Product Downloads Distribution in order to allow customers to download...

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Make it possible to have SEO URLs for all the members area

Make it possible to have SEO URLs for all the pages including members area so that WHMCS can be used as full store front to sell products and services...

62 Votes
prevent clients from editing custom fields

Hello,currently you can prevent the fields of whmcs standards, would be a good idea to have the possibility of preventing the custom fields.Regards,Al...

52 Votes
Force email verification before account provisioning

I run a two week free trial period for my hosting. It seems this is getting abused now and with no conversions. Most do not bother to verify their ema...

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Client search "hide inactive clients" default to off or make a persistent preference setting

It seems in the latest version 7.7.1 a new filter has been added to the view/search clients in WHMCS. On the right side a button "hide inactive...

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Dark Mode

Can we get a variation of the current admin theme with a "dark mode"All black background, Various contrasting colors for text and buttons

27 Votes
Allow clients to cancel product addons

Currently if a client wishes to cancel a product addon there's no option to do so other than create a support ticket. It would be great if customers c...

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MarketPlace multilanguage

Hello,I would like to suggest multilangage translation for MarketPlace (SSL, EMAIL addons...).If you can make to translate this whole pages like other...

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Pre-filling country code

Pre-filling country code (editable field) based on selected country in telephone field at register and signup forms.

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Approval of affiliates by admin

Add the ability for users to apply to become affiliates by activating a setting that only allows administrators to add affiliates to the site, and not...

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Add support to Six theme to make it a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Would love to have the six theme pre-set to work as a PWA such that you only need to enable the feature in the admin and those using devices that supp...

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Allow any TLD when using own domain

Disable this validation when the client chooses the option "I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers".In our case, when our c...

17 Votes
Only display applicable servers in Network Status

We are regularly contacted by clients who have seen a notice on our "Network Status" page, but it relates to a server they do not have an ac...

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Server IPv6 Field

Hello!We are starting to assign IPv6 to clients on CPanel servers for hosting packages.We add an IPv6 range to CPanel and then enable IPv6 for a hosti...

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Please add Argentine provinces

It would be nice if you can add our provinces to /assets/js/StatesDropdown.js in order to allow better tax settings:states['AR'] = &am...