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prevent clients from editing custom fields

  • Alexandre B. shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Client Area


currently you can prevent the fields of whmcs standards, would be a good idea to have the possibility of preventing the custom fields.

Alexandre B.
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    Set no change Custom Client Fields
    Hello, I need to set per Custom Fields not to change in client area.Thanks!


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Hello Alexandre,

I just wanted to express my full support for your suggestion regarding the ability to prevent modifications to custom fields in WHMCS. As a user, I've encountered situations where the ability to lock specific custom fields would have been incredibly beneficial for maintaining data accuracy and compliance within our operations. Implementing this feature would greatly enhance our ability to manage client data securely and efficiently. It’s definitely a needed enhancement that would help many of us in the WHMCS community.

Thank you for bringing this up!
I have 1 topic about this in the forum and no one responds.

and another of help:

It is unfortunate that no one knows how to achieve this ...

and even more so that whmcs has not yet implemented it.
@Lukasz do you mind posting your code using the hook that would prevent the save?

@Anderson they don't uderstand becouse this request has not enough likes;) They only look on the request with >100 likes.

So, you can use this hook:
and compare values beetwen save with current value. This is way how you can prevent custom fields this time.
Aditional I added readonly atribute to html input block by JS.
Thank you for your tip. I haven't been notified of your reply.

Will try that!
Every country has it's own ID that can't be changed or standardized.

WHMCS team, do you understand the importance of that? Today I'm forced to copy my custom fields input to another hidden admin entry, so that I can guarantee that nobody will ever delete it.
Please, WHMCS... It is a legal requirement to have National ID / VAT number uneditable. Either add it as a regular field or add a checkbox for custom fields to make them read-only.
Another fairly simple but very useful request that has been around for more than 5 years. Come on please WHMCS, while we all love big functional additions in new versions, it would be nice to get some of these smaller requests added as well
Important feature! Will it be implemented?
Please enable locking in custom fields. when this feature will be ready
Please setup locking of custom fields so that it will be editable only by the admins.
And the possibility to "hide" fields is also be useful.
We use the "Custom Client Fields" to save the VAT number of our customers, we need lock it a a legal requirement.
If the customer need to change their VAT number he need create a new account.
Please, implement it.
I do not understand why this was not implemented from the beginning. When you want the application to be consistent and logical, then you either offer this feature for both standard and custom fields or you don't offer the feature at all.
Definately worth while, especially for us whom are installing a control panel for the client. This would allow us to set the CP URL, User and pass in WHMCS so that they can reference, but not change. If they happen to change it through the CP, then they would be on their own.
yes, there are several ccTLD has this requirement, e.g. Taiwan.

the changing permission is only allow for admin