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Date language translation on client area

There are many date fields in the client area not translated.

The last 7.5 version only added strings for announcements and not for the client area lists, so you have date format english only.
Merged Ideas
    Translation of dates in invoices
    Chains are required for dates, days, months can be translated into another language in the invoice and others.


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+++ 1 for this, as a new WHMCS user I am quiet surprised this is not included ... Days, months translatation and those enoying "nd", "th" etc stuff uneeded in a date of an Invoice ex: 2nd June 2020 ... or it should be a removable text or so.
+1 we would really need this.
This needs to be included ASAP. Emails and Client Area dates are in English-only, even with the whole WHMCS and the environment in a different locale. It is due to the main date() function that they are using to develop WHMCS, instead of strftime().

It needs to be translated as Tony explained.
+1 for this. It would help us to appear more professional towards the client. A date in the wrong language seems very unprofessional.
i'm waiting for that for a very long time.

My french invoices don't look professionnal with the dates in english.

Needed ASAP too !!!
I cannot believe in this ability is missing on WHMCS. Needed ASAP.
Numeric only or not - it needs to be translated as Tony explained.
We want to use it in Turkish soon.
If in Latin
America we are using this system, it is logical that at least, there is
always the possibility that everything can be translated into Spanish,
including dates.
There are currently a number of numeric-only date formats which can be used in the client area, These will work in every language!
Numeric-only date formats is a terrible idea/suggestion. It would only confuse the customers because in the USA the date format is MM/DD/YYYY, but in Latin America it is DD/MM/YYYY. In other words, if a customer sees an expiration/renewal date of 10/12/2018, in the USA, this would be consider October 12, 2018; however, in Latin America it would be consider December 10, 2018. Customers will not pay/renew on time causing additional fees, which will only lead to complains an bad reviews.