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Products Links SEO Friendly URLs

Right now the products links are like this


will be better for seo purpose to have them like this


right now google webmaster tolls detects products links like non seo friendly.
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    Semantic URLs (Human friendly URLs)
    I suggest to make all of WHMCS URLs semantic. (not just for KB)Semantic URL (Human friendly URLs) affects user experience.
    Pretty URL's with symfony routing component
    WHMCS has many years in the buisness, so I was thinking it was about time we could customize the URLs to whatever we like. I've been messing around with custom routing, but the get params action=something is the only thing that won't work with what I've made so far. As a PHP developer and avid user of Laravel, I think it would be awesome if we had something like Synfony's routing package.


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Waiting for it
Seems like this has finally been implemented, thank god. But I would like to see it across the entire WHMCS client dashboard, not just cart pages. It would look a lot nicer if there was consistency.

We still have multiple URL structures:

store/product <-- Perfect
clientarea.php <-- Not so good
submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2 <-- Even worse
The seo friendly urls should be translatable
We have SEO mobule for it :)
Yes that will be great if uniqye title and description for each product group it's easy for them use seo
Friendly URLs for product groups have always been possible via htaccess, what we need is the ability to have custom rewrite URLs for store pages which currently do not seem to be rewritable to anything other than the internal whmcs URL.

I want to be able to install my WHMCS in say folder /home/ but use different language based URLS e.g. /en/store/sitelock and /it/store/sitelock and have the language change based on which one I browse to. I can do this in htaccess for most of the site URLs but the ones you have moved to Laravel like the store pages don't allow it and just return a 404 error if you try to rewrite them.
Hi all,
Thanks for your continued votes and comments on this request.

I'm pleased to announce that friendly URLs for product groups are currently being worked and targeted for v8.0. As part of this work we are also laying the foundation for friendly direct product links in future feature releases. Please keep an eye on in the coming weeks for more information on this next feature release!
Thanks for the update, John.
Will it also be possible to create a unique <title> tag and description for each product group? I hope that can be added too.
It would be great if there were a mini SEO section for WHMCS to manage on-page SEO for different sections of WHMCS. To start with Product Groups would do. Then add Product Links and go from there.
Any ETA for this?

Now its version 7.10, need better SEO urls for products, for tickets, for Affiliates ! In 2020 and WHMCS haven't SEO Urls ? This is shameful. Please add this resquest to the next version. Its time.
I agree, I'm wanting to create a new hosting brand and don't want to bother with custom HTML/WordPress site. Instead, host everything using WHMCS, but need SEO URLs first.
HI! Just take Full SEO module for WHMCS
Not forgetting if using WHMCS for design part too it can be less of a security issue as not having to use integration with WordPress etc. That is important given WHMCS is the billing system. GDPR etc.

WHMCS could charge extra for basic CMS type functionality so many can do away with separate HTML/CMS (WordPress). Easier to maintain and could be more secure.
I voted for this. I am annoyed by having to update main website and WHMCS. I would prefer to use WHMCS to manage everything.

Any ETA for this?
I have actually used mod rewrite rules for my friendly URLs the problem is the new template system broke my links LOL
Hi !! Any update for this featured ?? Today have version 7.5 :D thanks

Thanks for your comments and votes thus far. Version 7.2 demonstrates our work towards this feature.

We introduced a new Friendly URLs feature which brings the potential for more human-readable URLs to different parts of the system. You can see an example of this in the MarketConnect landing pages, eg: /store/email-services.

In version 7.3 we are testing the expansion of this feature into the admin area pages. Based upon our learning experiences from these limited roll-outs there is the potential to further expand coverage of the Friendly URLs system to other parts, like the shopping cart.
That's great news and looking forward to 7.3 and future updates regarding the SEO / Friendly URL improvements, Thanks John for teh update and the WHMCS for your hard work!

Please implement this feature UTF-8 compatible.

And need better SEO urls for products, for tickets, for Affiliates. :)
Agreed! WHMCS needs to implement Products Links SEO Friendly URLs ASAP! Thanks!