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Client search "hide inactive clients" default to off or make a persistent preference setting

  • Brandon Shoemaker shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Client Area

It seems in the latest version 7.7.1 a new filter has been added to the view/search clients in WHMCS. On the right side a button "hide inactive clients" is default into "on". Our support team is displeased with this additional step for searching for clients.

Could this be changed so that the default is "off" or make this an optional admin persistent preference setting.


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please make this an optional admin preference setting.
I too need to search for inactive clients quite a lot .
Hi John,

We are a small marketing firm. So about 50% of our customers don't have monthly services or products and are manually invoiced for whatever we do for them (printing, design, etc). As I understand it, WHMCS only considers a customer active if they have a recurring product assigned to them. To us all customers are active until we manually put them inactive.

"WHMCS only considers a customer active if they have a recurring product assigned to them"

This is not true...
You can control this issue via the setup -> Automation Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Client Status Update

Is you set it to Disabled customer will be active as long as you want. you can activate / deactivate them from the customer profile.

Hi all,
Thanks for your votes so far.
I'm interested to understand the use-cases that cause you to regularly search for inactive clients? Most of the time we'd expect your staff needing to look up details of active clients, so the default filter status keeps searching faster and the results more relevant.
Then the toggle can be used to look up inactive clients when you need to more occasionally look up clients without active services. In what circumstances do you find yourselves regularly needing to look up inactive clients?
Well for us the reason is that we offer our clients some offline payment options (cash, check etc...) so when a new client comes to our office, and we try to find his invoice to mark it as paid, we can't because he's a new client and therefore an inactive one.. ticking that checkbox all the time is pretty annoying
There are customers which have no active services, but get invoiced from various platforms via the WHMCS API.
As there is no active service, the clients remain in an inactive state.
We need an ability to set this this filter to off permanently as constantly having to toggle that button is really annoying and time wasting.
I agree, this has become annoying. I dont care if the customer is active or inactive, I want to see all customer regardless. it is also interfering with some of software exports that we do.